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The New YouTube. Are You Hating It Too?

December 4th, 2011 No comments

Unless you’ve been hibernating the last few days, you may have heard by now of the latest gripe from interweb citizens; YouTube has changed, and it sucks. Anytime something is drastically changed, we tend to get all soap opera drama queens and rebel. Change is how anything evolves, including you. What, you still think Ricky Schroder is hawt or play with Legos?

YouTube is quickly replacing traditional media that we’ve grown accustomed to as television. With TV, we must sit and watch what content it displays. You just have to pay attention during those hours when they’re aired, or record them to a DVR for consumption when you’re ready to watch. What if you want to watch a specific documentary right after you’re done reading this, what do you do? There’s Netflix, however there’s a subscription cost. Then there’s YouTube that hosts millions of videos ranging from how-tos to outright feature films and just about anything imaginable in between.

Mind you, the content on YouTube hasn’t changed, however the format in which our PC browsers display videos, suggestions, channel activity, etc. has changed. Change is good. Change means that growth was recognized. Change is inevitable. So if you’re one of the many bitching that the new YouTube sucks, too bad. I dig it and it’s easier to navigate to find information not to mention eye pleasing. Don’t worry, in a few months, you’ll get acclimated to it and forget all about how you hate the new YouTube… until it’s changed again later.


BF3 vs. MW3: Which Is Better?

November 1st, 2011 No comments
BF3 vs. MW3

BF3 vs. MW3: Which Is Better?

Every time I see this anywhere online, I can’t help but chuckle. I actually made a video on this, however I know that it’s easier to click an unlike button on YouTube than to actually compose a written response, stating your intelligent argument, so I decided to make it a blog post here instead so for those of you that find this, you’ll be forced to actually write something than just click a button.

First, the gaming community has always been split on just about every topic imaginable; “PC gaming is superior to consoles”. “The Xbox 360 is better than the PS3″. “This game rules while your game sucks”, and blah, blah, blah. It’s some of the oldest trolling for years and it’s truly a boring one. If I were one of the PC elitists that went on every YouTube video, dogging all of the console FPS game play videos, am I really getting anyone to agree with me and converting people to ditch their consoles for a PC? No. Why bother then? It’s what trolls do; they have nothing better to do than to stir up shit and piss people off for the sake of their entertainment.

What further cracks me up is another argument over technical specifications, mostly from teens that have never written a single line of netcode before, about FPS aka “frames per second” or multiplayer capacity for example. I have never talked about separating conjoined twins and the ramifications of their physical and psychological effects of such a procedure. Why? Because I’m not a fucking medical surgeon for starters, and I have no place in discussing such things so I won’t. There is a reason why games aren’t 1,500 FPS and/or can’t support 40 squad mates in an online match of 180 vs. 180. If you don’t know or understand, then simply accept it for what it is because you don’t (and quite possibly won’t) understand the mechanics developers undergo to create the games that we enjoy today.

All this leads up to the topic at hand; which game is better. I mean, seriously? Is this really a valid question?  This is a question that is best answered by the person asking the question; you. What’s better; iPhone or Android? Hamburger or pizza? Ass or titties? Point is, game publishers and developers are doing their job to create a hype and buzz through marketing and sell you on their product. Whether you play on PC, console, or a mobile device, who do you think is going to win this epic battle? The game publishers and developers in the end because they sold you a product.

To summarize, buy and play what you enjoy. If you aren’t sure, then rent the game in question or play the demo prior to purchasing it. Ever notice that professional reviews don’t always stack up to your expectations? It’s the same as your best friend or family member praising a restaurant and when you decide to try it, you’re disappointed. Haven’t you bought a highly anticipated game on day one before, then later wishing you never removed the plastic wrapper (I’m looking at you, Duke Nukem) to return it? Only you can decide which is better; choose wisely.

Suspended By PlayStation

October 11th, 2011 No comments
PlayStation Home private beta

PlayStation Home private beta

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you heard first when I learned that PlayStation had banned or suspended my PSN account yesterday. No email, no warning, nothing. Why? Well, I have a theory, yet that’s all it is. Let’s start with a phone call to Sony Support where I had to talk to 3 different people in order to get something in return as far information is concerned.

So Matthew seemed like a nice enough guy, explaining to me that while he doesn’t have specifics on file as to why I was suspended, he explained that outside moderators are equipped to scan for potential security threats and follow up on tips & leads of threats to their network, and that they use a different CRM than what he uses there at corporate. Bullshit, especially after the royal hacking they got earlier this year, they all keep notes and share information that all employees can view but that’s fine, I’ll accept this half ass answer as a stall. He then tells me to email an appeal to that department, which just happens to be a very generic email address, and state my case.

What I was told as a reason was that PlayStation has evidence that I attempted to hack PlayStation Home, their social network app on the PS3. First of all, are they serious? Who in the fuck would want to hack Home, and for what? There’s nothing to do there, nor anything to gain! Bottom line, I didn’t hack anything however I am guilty of making a video and posting it to YouTube of a private beta I was invited to test out. After I’ve publicly made my woes on twitter, a fellow YouTuber reached out to me via private messages and had confirmed that was likely the case and screen capped a thread discussion from PlayStation’s forums that simply said they wanted feedback on the Home private beta, however to keep a “high level of confidentiality” during the beta. Granted, I saw this after and clearly, I didn’t keep it confidential, however someone tipped Sony off about my video (c’mon, like their mods are going to really catch EVERY video or media that’s out there?) and used their player hater card to drop a dime on me. Fucking little breastfed baby that feels that Sony will pat them on the back for doing a good I suppose, eh?

So the suspension is for 30 days and I’m barred from accessing the network, meaning no online play nor can I purchase or download anything. Obviously I’m pissed because I had planned to download the Duke Nukem Forever DLC that’s out today, we’re promised Gran Turismo 5 DLC and title update in coming up in a few weeks, and of course Battlefield 3 at the end of this month. There you have at least 3 videos that I could’ve been among the first to post to YouTube, but PlayStation is upset with me that I put up a video about Home during a private beta. If that’s really the reason why you authorized a ban or suspension, we are protected under section 17 of the United States Code as “Fair Use” to essentially critique your work, however because Sony can ban and suspend who they wish for whatever reason they deem necessary at any time since it’s their network, I get it but you’ve pissed off a PlayStation Plus paid subscriber and supporter not to mention you’re getting publicity and exposure when people viewed my video (trust me, you guys need it; hardly anyone uses Home anymore), and not even an email or a warning for consideration as a heads up for a “first time offender”, that’s just foul, guys.

I have taken down the video since I’m appealing their suspension so if they do reference my video as a reason, it’ll no longer be found so I’m hoping that will accelerate the appeal and appease them so I can resume my YouTube duties. If this goes all the way to the 30 days, I’ll have no choice but to grin and bear it and play the fuck out of some single player games in the meantime.

EDIT (10/19) :  After several emails, 2 phone calls, and many private messages with a different PSN ID to the Home moderators on their forums, I’m now convinced after a week of trying to appease these people that they simply don’t care. Another PS forum member had mentioned that even a username or “bumping” avatars can be offending to some and worthy of reporting it to a mod for a ban which leads me to think the YouTube troll that remarked on my video turned me to the mods, claiming I had harassed him and they won’t verify any of it. They’ll just take his/her word and flip the ban switch on me.

Now that I’m pretty sure I won’t get any replies back from them and my YouTube account has now been approved for monetizing, fuck them; I made the video public once again and am monetizing the video as well too. If I can’t play online nor buy DLC or anything, I may as well not deny myself the views on the video and have the chance to monetize my video. Pretty shitty move there, Sony, but since you won’t reverse the ban, I’ll sit my 30 days but you can’t do shit about my video since I’m protected under U.S. Code for Fair Use to criticize you. Sure, you may omit me in the future from another PlayStation Home private beta, so just watch me cringe in defeat and fear. *rolls eyes*

The Next YouTube Director/Producer Could Be You!

September 24th, 2011 No comments

It’s a common question that I’m asked since many of you have seen my videos over the past year, however it was about time I answered back with a video of my own. The question? “How do you record your console gameplay?” Making videos for YouTube is not all that hard, however will take some equipment, a computer, a credit card, and a little artsy know-how. Think you got what it takes or just merely curious as to how it’s done? Have a look at my tutorial below.


Thank You, 100 YouTube Subscribers

August 31st, 2011 No comments

Two days ago, I noticed I had reached 100 subscribers on YouTube, and I had to make a thank you video response for everyone. If you subscribe to someone on YouTube, it simply means that you enjoy their content and wish to see more and be notified when a new video appears from that person’s channel. Frankly, since I never ask for subscribers nor go out of my way to seek them, to hit 100 subscribers is an enormous achievement and compliment to me.

I never once thought “oh, this will bring me tons of subscribers” because then it’s obvious that what you’re doing is seeking YouTube “fame” and that’s just as welcomed as trolling is in forums. I just simply wanted to share tips, tricks, reviews, and information to people that would find it interesting, with of course my sense of humor. Now that’s been over a year since I’ve uploaded my very first video, shot with my iPhone, I’ve now progressed to using Apple’s premiere Final Cut Pro X software. I still have some growing pains with this whole video thing, however I’ve discovered a fun, creative outlet and hobby of sorts and am thrilled that ANYONE is enjoying the videos that I produce. Even though I’ve uploaded mostly gaming related videos, I will mix it up and work on other items of interest too. Thanks for your support and thank you for watching!