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YouTube Comments Section Is Now Terribru!

November 8th, 2013 No comments

Wanna piss off citizens of the planet that have internet access and you just so happen to be one of the largest corporations in recorded history? Enter Google’s move to revamp the comments section of their most profitable and popular online properties, YouTube!

Yes, the comments section of any video on YouTube is a virtual cesspool of pimple squeezin’ pre-teens with mom’s iPad to adoring adults of any attractive object of lust that is on display, we all could argue that something needed to be done. And… here comes Google with their infinite wisdom of what their user base wants and needs from using their product.

So what’s the big deal you ask? You’re now forced to utilize their aging and grossly mishandled attempt at social media, Google Plus, in order to post comments. As a content producer for YouTube, I shoulda saw this coming since they “forced” me to getting a G+ page specifically for my channel a few months ago. No one has to sign up for either service truthfully just to view anything, however how can you be the infamous troll that you aspire to be if you’re forced to give up more information about yourself in order to continue your online video comment graffiti career?

Let’s be real; trolls and just plain idiots online will never go away, even if they’re forced to sign in with their personal mobile phone numbers for backlash, but Google just made feedback on content even harder to achieve. View counts may arise with this since it’ll more visible to more people, however viewer interaction, such as likes and comments, will decline (at least at first) because of the added hassle. I get that they were trying to address a very old issue with the garbage that’s been spewed there, but this hurt more than it will help.

So great work, Google, in bastardizing your number one money maker and alienating likely 4/5 of your users thus making it harder for us content producers to seek back critical information that guides us to continue uploading. May you get a splash of water up your ass every time you take a dump in your golden toilet.


Thank You, YouTube

August 19th, 2013 No comments

I rarely get excited over much of anything (unless it’s a new tech gadget), however most of you know that I’ve had a channel on YouTube where I’ve uploaded videos about video games I’ve played. Seems silly in retrospect, however gaming videos on YouTube have a huge audience which in my opinion didn’t start to gain traction until 2011. I however started uploading silly iPhone clips of Red Dead Redemption in 2010, then quickly realized that shaky camera phone video wasn’t going to cut it. I also had a passion to learn filmmaking and this was a way to capture game footage to edit it, and present it in consumption form to the masses to be shared for all on YouTube. There, that’s the basis on why I started a YouTube channel to begin with.

I quietly amassed subscribers and notoriety, attempting to be different from the masses already on YouTube or the newcomers that created a few videos and constantly begged for your subscription. I however felt that if you concentrated on the content itself, the viewing public would decide if you were worthy of giving you their subscription, comment, like, favorite, etc. In my video below, I quickly review that I never entered YouTube with the mindset of gaining quick subscribers in order to become an online celebrity. YouTube is already full of people trying to do just that. Every video is a project to me, with a cast, script, story line, and more that is necessary in visual entertainment. How did I do? Well, over 1,000 have subscribed to my channel that has had half a million views since I started making videos in 2010. It’s been an experiment that’s been years in the making, however I’ve always done it to push myself with my new found skill set, one video at a time.

In addition to the subscriber milestone, I’ve also accepted an invitation to partner with Machinima. Let’s be honest, anyone that produces videos wishes to be compensated for their time, however I have no illusions of mansions, lingerie models, and exotic cars. A partnership with Machinima opens the door to expose my channel to an even broader audience, earn new subscribers, and gain a little income from the efforts. In order to really make money with this, one must consistently produce plenty of content and each must have literally tens of thousands of views at the least. I’m not looking to get rich quick, however new equipment and software are always nice. Still, a thousands subscribers isn’t a lot by many standards, but it’s amazing to me that over a thousand have given me the opportunity to earn their subscription, and I hope to earn even more.


I Wanna Add You

July 1st, 2012 No comments
Toez, can I play with you?

Toez, can I play with you?

Many might think I have a YouTube channel for fame, some would think it’s the money, still others may think it’s to have an endless pool of people to play with. It’s about time I address this head-on.

I’m a fan of film and video games, and would enjoy a career in the entertainment industry. I live in Los Angeles, so it’s a given, right? Like anything else, there are tons of “me” out there already so it’s not going to be easy. Since I like to game, editing gameplays has given me a chance to work with software and skills necessary for anything in TV or film later on. I’m not saying I’m a pro at this point, but I’ve learned quite a bit and have even landed a few jobs already in entertainment.

Having a little notoriety within a certain fanatical community however isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I used to get asked several times a week to add someone to their friend list until a recent PSN FW update allowed random friend requests to be turned off, and I took advantage of it. Do I dislike you or playing with new people? No, but when you add someone that almost literally begs you, then never plays with you after caving in for a month, I really don’t need to see when you’re on or offline because in the end, you won’t play anyway. That gets annoying when recording too, hence why I’d delete you anyway if we haven’t connected in a month or less.

I usually get on late night Pacific Standard Time, but that doesn’t seem to stop kids of other countries from sending requests either. Odds are, I’m fragging while you’re just getting up in the morning. I don’t want to hear that you’re different either. I’ve been going through this for well over a year and not a single person has done what they said they’d do, so it’s my choice to just ignore them whenever possible because it’s gotten quite annoying now. Now drama queens are recently coming out of the wood works too. If this makes you hate me and feel you must retaliate against me online, go ahead. Clearly you have more disposable time than I do.

I do appreciate fans of my work and am a sociable person but if you insist on reaching out to me, why not tweet me or comment on my Facebook page? Having me on your friend list won’t solve anything, and I’m flattered that many of you try but I’m afraid it’s been ruined as it’s ultimately my call to send the invite and seeing that I already have plenty to choose from, I’m not in a rush to add more.

Gettin Dat YouTube Monnaay

June 22nd, 2012 1 comment
YouTube Money

Imma be rich! Bitch, please

If you thought I was going share with you how to make money like rappers in a hip/hop video, you’re just as high as they are. There are plenty of people (I mean kids) that think they’re MLG so they record their gameplays, commentate about their l337 skills & kill streaks, while shitty dubstep is blaring in the background. It’s a recipe for millions of views & hundreds of thousands of subscribers who are loyal and watch your every move overnight, amirite? Before you make that appointment with your local Mercedes-Benz dealer hotshot, listen up.

I remember watching a YouTube video from d0n7bl1nk in which he thanks his subscribers for watching & allowing him to make enough money from his channel to stay home, game, and post videos of him playing games. Sounds like a dream, yeah? Well, today he published a new video in which he admitted he’s now getting a sharp decline in video views despite having over 40,000 subscribers and is forced to look for a real job so he won’t be uploading as much. How’s this possible? There never really was a gravy train on YouTube, but tons of suckers fell for what I call “the trap”. Many figured financial freedom was just a few uploads away… man, were they stupid.

I’ve seen a ton of channels pushing to get partnered to “cash in” in the past year. The instant some of those channels did in fact get a partnership, their quality went to shit because they figured all they had to do was publish anything, and they’ll still get paid. One guy in fact used to speak highly of my channel and expected me to return the favor (bka “kiss his ass”), but I didn’t so when he began amassing a following, he frequently commentated about himself and of those that kissed his ass regularly, usually over someone else’s donated gameplay. He can be a negative individual with his comments and tweets (when I would actually read them), but he loves to tout that he’s a director for a well known community channel when in fact he’s simply just a producer… and not much of one at that. He tried the easy way yet still isn’t making any more than what it costs to buy a tank of gas per month.

I make videos that I like and I think my subscribers would want to see and hopefully learn something from. I don’t think about favorable comments and/or ratings, how can I monetize my videos/channel more, how to get sponsored or get free shit out of it. I make videos because I enjoy making videos. Period. It’s a hobby, not an answer to how to make quick money while sitting on your ass. I’ve invested my time, energy, and money into learning this craft with the tools to create better content for the subscribers and others that will actually watch my videos, not for 25,000 ghost subs or a faux partnership. Consider all of this the next time you’re about to click the subscribe button on someone’s channel and/or want to begin creating videos yourself.


100, 250, 500

June 7th, 2012 No comments

Numbers, that’s all they are. I’m passionate about learning all I can with video editing & compositing. It’s a hobby I’ve recently picked up that I really enjoy. I’m not sure where it may take me, but I do like creating something people may enjoy. I’m guessing that when over 500 people have subscribed to me on YouTube, they saw passion in a particular video and decided to be notified of similar content to watch in the future. Hence, where these numbers come into play.

I purposefully delayed creating my one hundredth video to YouTube to co-ordinate with achieving 500 subscribers, both of which are milestones to me. To have over 250,000 total views worldwide is incredible. My very first video was of a glitch I noticed in Red Dead Redemption taken from my iPhone 3G. I’ve had the account for years but like most, never thought of uploading anything since there already so much content out there. Then, I watched a few other game play videos and it hit me; “I can do this too.”

Sure, the first 20 or so videos aren’t the greatest, but they were necessary stepping stones in order to advance. I’m no Hollywood director or anything, but I’ve learned A LOT and don’t want to stop learning and creating content. Some on YouTube are about the money, which there isn’t very much of unless you have tens of millions of views, but it’s obvious as they take shortcuts, dual or triple comm with others and/or upload someone else’s content only to add their voiceover on it to make it theirs. Every one of my videos are 100% mine as I’ve either become the “tips & info” guy, or infamous for commentaries which have been featured on a few community channels.

To those of you that subscribe or even just watch, thank you.