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Christmas 2013; What’s In Your Stocking?

June 15th, 2013 No comments
PS4 vs. Xbox One

PS4 vs. Xbox One

Now that the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s commonly referred to is over, we’ve had the opportunity to be pitched since 2006 by both Microsoft and Sony for their new respective hardware. I’m fairly certain that there is at least one video game console in each of the homes of those that are reading this. Being that PCs update their hardware every few months, this piece of news after 7 years of current generation consoles was long overdue.

I’m not going to bother with the adolescent war of “console vs. PC” that is never ending (and quite frankly moronic), but rather what came out of this year’s E3 regarding the console-on-console equivalent of little children on a road trip and having to endure “he’s touching me!” remarks constantly.

In the event you didn’t know, I currently game on the PlayStation 3 console. Consoles period are in my opinion better suited for games when you want to play them, require less maintenance, are reasonably portable, and simply require a TV or monitor to setup and start playing. Since game publishers want to penetrate as many markets as they can to sell their products, most games are available on every gaming platform imaginable. Sure, exclusives to each platform exist, so it really comes down to preference. I personally care less if you play on one platform than another, however the internet at large (mostly comprised of acne littered 13 year-old boys) will quickly pick up an e-pitchfork and wage battle against your choice and/or defend theirs. In the end, developers laugh all the way to bank during the incessant flame war.

So it may appear that Sony has won the the console war at this year’s E3 with their PS4 being $100 less, no used game restrictions, and not requiring a daily internet authentication. Truthfully, they’re both equal counterparts in my eyes, if it weren’t for the whole Microsoft Corporation supporting the NSA and potentially violating your privacy with a video and audio monitoring device that must remain connected to the console, commonly known as Kinect. Ya, the PS4 has something similar, but why people even want a motion device to play games is beyond me however at least with Sony it is optional, not required. Digital Rights Management, or DRM, also has Microsoft’s support likely because they’re a major software publisher in the computer world as well as the gaming world, so they technically they can’t blur that line being that they are involved heavily in both industries. As for used games, I don’t purchase used games so that part doesn’t affect me. Sony did have one bullet point however that they can no longer wave around and that was required additional purchase of Xbox Live vs. (free) PSN to play multiplayer games. Now, PS4 players will need to become PS+ members (at $50 USD/year) in order to play most of your favorite games online with your friends. C’mon, we all saw this one coming.

I’ve owned every Sony game console and will continue to do so because of convenience sake. I may look into a gaming laptop, however that won’t be anytime soon. Until then, whether you’re a hardcore iPod touch gamer, or a grand wizard at the game of Juno, pick your poison and just play. Pre-order your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One with Amazon and join the next generation of games. Mountain Dew and Cheetos dusted controllers not included.