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Paul Christoforo’s Aftermath

December 28th, 2011 No comments
Paul Christoforo

Paul Christoforo

If you don’t know this name by now, invest the 10 or so minutes to read through a post from yesterday’s Penny Arcade. This is a true, modern story of an alleged “David v. Goliath” of sorts. Goliath in this case isn’t a super massive corporation, but a grown man that claims to be the president of a social media public relations firm in an email exchange of words when a consumer was simply trying to get a straight answer as to the whereabouts of his order.

Couple of things I want to mention because this entire ordeal has been brought up in many, many other forms of media including websites, blogs, web magazines, twitter, Facebook, etc. First, Ocean Marketing (or Ocean Stratagy or Ocean Deep Sea… and yes folks, that’s how he spelled it) is a public relations firm hired by the inventor of this device known as the Avenger Controller, so the angst of this “movement” should be solely directed at Paul, not Avenger. While I’m not sure how Paul got this contract since he clearly can’t spell nor compose simple sentences with proper punctuation, and for a man that’s 38 years old, married, and father of a little son, that’s pretty sad.

I know everyone wants to succeed and be a baller, but this is a clear case of a man who has taken his opportunity and squandered it with his own lack of intelligence. How ever he made his fistful of dollars previously, I’m fairly confident that his next opportunity won’t be so willing to hire him on that quickly if they just simply Googled his name from here on out.

He’s now officially a meme and has been parodied on YouTube, mostly for his lack of professionalism, gross misspellings, blatant self promotion, and negligent attention to customer service.  When Dave, his customer, writes in to gather information, he addresses him as Dan at one point. His lengthy and rather pointless banter about knowing industry executives, like they’ll come to his rescue, should Dave pursue any legal or anti-promotional or defamatory campaigns, just sound like Paul was trying to bully his way around a scenario he truly felt he was in control of originally.

Moral of the story, kids? Karma is a mother fucker and treat others with the respect you would wish in return.

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BF3 vs. MW3: Which Is Better?

November 1st, 2011 No comments
BF3 vs. MW3

BF3 vs. MW3: Which Is Better?

Every time I see this anywhere online, I can’t help but chuckle. I actually made a video on this, however I know that it’s easier to click an unlike button on YouTube than to actually compose a written response, stating your intelligent argument, so I decided to make it a blog post here instead so for those of you that find this, you’ll be forced to actually write something than just click a button.

First, the gaming community has always been split on just about every topic imaginable; “PC gaming is superior to consoles”. “The Xbox 360 is better than the PS3″. “This game rules while your game sucks”, and blah, blah, blah. It’s some of the oldest trolling for years and it’s truly a boring one. If I were one of the PC elitists that went on every YouTube video, dogging all of the console FPS game play videos, am I really getting anyone to agree with me and converting people to ditch their consoles for a PC? No. Why bother then? It’s what trolls do; they have nothing better to do than to stir up shit and piss people off for the sake of their entertainment.

What further cracks me up is another argument over technical specifications, mostly from teens that have never written a single line of netcode before, about FPS aka “frames per second” or multiplayer capacity for example. I have never talked about separating conjoined twins and the ramifications of their physical and psychological effects of such a procedure. Why? Because I’m not a fucking medical surgeon for starters, and I have no place in discussing such things so I won’t. There is a reason why games aren’t 1,500 FPS and/or can’t support 40 squad mates in an online match of 180 vs. 180. If you don’t know or understand, then simply accept it for what it is because you don’t (and quite possibly won’t) understand the mechanics developers undergo to create the games that we enjoy today.

All this leads up to the topic at hand; which game is better. I mean, seriously? Is this really a valid question?  This is a question that is best answered by the person asking the question; you. What’s better; iPhone or Android? Hamburger or pizza? Ass or titties? Point is, game publishers and developers are doing their job to create a hype and buzz through marketing and sell you on their product. Whether you play on PC, console, or a mobile device, who do you think is going to win this epic battle? The game publishers and developers in the end because they sold you a product.

To summarize, buy and play what you enjoy. If you aren’t sure, then rent the game in question or play the demo prior to purchasing it. Ever notice that professional reviews don’t always stack up to your expectations? It’s the same as your best friend or family member praising a restaurant and when you decide to try it, you’re disappointed. Haven’t you bought a highly anticipated game on day one before, then later wishing you never removed the plastic wrapper (I’m looking at you, Duke Nukem) to return it? Only you can decide which is better; choose wisely.

So Porn Stars Wanna PWN Me?

September 18th, 2011 1 comment

Haven’t done a rant post in a while, but most of you know how I do. First, I like porn. I’m a guy and this is my site, so I can do and say what I want without censorship. If any of that bothered you, go Google ‘newest yogurt flavors’ or something. Still with me? Good, so here goes.

Again, I like porn. Mind you, I’m not obsessed by it or even buy it *cough, torrents, cough*, however like a cast member of Desperate Housewives might indulge in an occasional dutch apple pie pig-out every once in a while, I wanna see some porn. For my female followers, it’s a guy thing, don’t try to understand, however I’ll just say this; it’s a fantasy. Like you slobber over that Twilight dude, Capt. Jack Sparrow, or old ass Brad Pitt, we too fantasize. No mystery there, we’re very visual creatures. It’s then no wonder why most gamers are guys since it’s interactive, visual entertainment. So the fact that two porn stars want to stream themselves playing video games while topless, nude, or whatever, just tells me that they’re exploiting a market that caters to the fantasy of young boys playing video games with a hot girl who’ll have no problem showing you what she’s working with, if you know what I mean, at a price.

I’m not going to directly link you to their site since they could give a shit about me, however they’re welcomed to buy one of my shirts. I will link you however to IGN (see link at the bottom) whom wrote an article inspiring this posting which was brought to my attention by a twitter follower, missfifilopez, in her YouTube video. The concept of “hot” girl gamers playing online with you for a fee certainly isn’t new, but the porn for hire aspect of it is. The average gamer today is a mid-thirties male, so long gone is the stereotype of a social outcast zit popping teen secluded in his room playing PlayStation or Xbox all day. The audience is there and they have credit cards and I’m fairly certain this service will see some daylight.

Oh, you want my take on this thing? Thanks for asking; it’s bullshit. Hold on, think for a moment here. When I game, it’s serious time. Just look at any of my YouTube videos with my gameplay and you’ll see, I don’t fuck around. Sure, it’s just a game, but I’m going to play the way I want to play so why would I want to play with porn stars (wait, SRSLY? Stars? Anyone ever heard of these two?) that likely suck… well, we KNOW they suck, but I mean in the game, just to look at tits? I mean c’mon, how sad is this, really. You know these girls can’t game for shit and win or lose, no matter what, you’re paying and likely laugh and giggle like an 11 year old boy that caught his first nip slip of Mrs. Crosby while singing in the church choir.

I get why this could be a draw, however it’s for the casual gamer because a serious gamer wants players to PTFO and win. Don’t get it twisted, I like double D’s like any man does, however like any funny yo mamma joke, there’s a time and a place for it. Has finding new porn films to shoot for these women become harder to find so they gotta start this to make ends meet? I’m all for the hoes getting their money, but c’mon ladies, Spearmint Rhino ain’t hiring nowadays? Just wait until some underage kid gets moded by his mom walking into room, fapping. Even the married guy when his wife comes home early, then what? Just remember, porn girls don’t have hearts of gold and they do what they do when you wave enough dollar bills in front of them.

Source: “Porn Stars Start New Gaming Site


Apple and Sony, Epic News Today! #WWDC #E3

June 6th, 2011 2 comments
iOS 5

iOS 5

This was no ordinary Monday, people. History was made today. Geeks and gamers ’round the world had an e-boner all day and it started with Apple at their Worldwide Developers Conference 2011:

  • iCloud with 5 GB of storage is free for all with an Apple ID.
  • OS X Lion will be more iOS “like” and tons of new features, all for $30 coming next month.
  • Incoming iOS 5 this Fall cuts the cord on syncing & activating among other big UI updates.

Read all the details and view the keynote video at iTunes 10.3 should be arriving shortly.

As if that wasn’t enough, the bacon got piled on over at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011, or just E3, which started today. Lots of deliciousness was announced today, and here were likely the most anticipated announcements so far:

  • Battlefield 3, October 25, 2011
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, November 8, 2011
  • Halo 4, Q4 2012
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, November 2011
  • Need For Speed: The Run, November 2011
  • Far Cry 3, 2012
  • Mass Effect 3, Q1 2012
  • Minecraft, Q4 2011

These are just some of the more anticipated sequels on this, just day 1 of the expo, with 2 more days left to go. If interested, your best bet to follow what’s coming up in the next few days is to keep an eye on Joystiq’s coverage of the event.

Sony announced their NGP officially as “Vita” for $250 USD for WiFi & $300 for WiFi/3G. Also, a new 24″ 3D monitor bundle for PS3 priced at $500 USD also announced.

I’m sure tomorrow will bring even more announcements and surprises. Stay tuned.

Thanks @RockstarGames and @PixelEnemyREV

May 26th, 2011 No comments

From triple XP on Red Dead Redemption helping me get closer to my Legendary 5 status back…

to getting featured on the most watched YouTube channel specifically for the Battlefield video game series…

today was indeed a good day to be home sick and play video games! My thanks again to Rockstar Games for the recent triple XP sessions in multiplayer and to PixelEnemy Revive for putting up my video so the masses can view & hopefully get tips or something from it.