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I Hate Politics

September 10th, 2012 No comments
Can I count on your support?

Can I count on your support?

Just coming off a birthday weekend and with under 2 months to go before we Americans get to play yet another installment of “pick the prick to fuck us!” game. In this episode, I’m going to do something I rarely choose to do, and that’s talk politics.

I despise that this is even a topic, because it’s really a popularity contest in disguise. How else do you explain Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Al Franken, and Kal Penn? I thought we were supposed to choose the right person for the job, and instead it’s mud slinging, drama, and bullshit until the one person with the most support rises to the top. Since when has that person historically ever been the best person suited for the job to begin with?

Listen to any politician during his or her campaign for office where they speak on the others faults, mistakes, and failed promises. When has any politician in history ever made good on each and every campaign promise? Yet, they think we the public are stupid enough to forget after each term? Think for a moment; we’re the fragile, virgin who’s trying to keep our legs crossed while some person in a crisp suit and perfectly coiffed hair is trying to get us to open them up. Do you really think that person gives two fucks about us once they get what they want, which is the office they’re attempting to get into?

Not voting at all because “we’re going to lose anyway” is a shitty attitude. No matter who you think has the best values, morals, or cutest ass, don’t vote for the individual that’s the “hottest”. This isn’t the 8th grade student body elections here. I’ve already made up my mind for this coming election year, and it should be based on the best person for the job. Get out there this year and vote for who you feel will represent the American public the best for this country.

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