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iOS 5 + iCloud Are Finally Here!

October 12th, 2011 No comments
iOS 5

iOS 5

This has got to be Apple’s biggest shining moment, and it’s sad that Mr. Jobs won’t be seeing it from this world. Today, Apple has launched iOS 5 software to be downloaded and installed on millions of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and just the software alone can revolutionize an industry if not the world. Pretty bold statement, eh? Well, look closer inside.

Sure, everyone takes from anyone and Apple is no different. Speaking specifically on their new Notification Center which has long been on other phones, most notably Android handhelds, however it’s now here and stock on iOS 5. Jailbreakers could have had this feature for some time and it was about time Apple finally made it into their official build. iMessage will change the service providers since users of iOS 5 can send SMS & MMS for FREE amongst one another, anywhere in the world! Free iCloud access for anyone with an Apple ID and iOS 5 device now allows you to sync and backup to a cloud with the capability to stream certain files to other iOS 5 devices that you own. You can also restore and activate a new device simply by logging into your iCloud account. Again, free with 5 GB of storage. Don’t confuse this with Dropbox and the ability to store ANY file you desire. You will be able to stream your purchased iTunes media files from the cloud to again any logged in device. Later in the month when iTunes Match arrives, you’ll be able to listen to your entire library while on the go with any iOS 5 device.

Gotta mention Wireless Sync which is just all kinds of awesome since you can literally sync multiple iOS 5 devices all at the same time while at home and all using the same WiFi network. Just brilliant, however it was a paid feature as a Cydia app if you jailbroke, however it’s now included. Wireless capabilities don’t just stop there, so now you can actually activate a brand new iOS 5 device without ever connecting it to a computer. This was possible before and another welcomed addition. Even future iOS 5 updates can be done OTA or “over the air” since only the delta update will be downloaded instead of the entire file, which is humongous.

I’m aware haters will always hate, so fans of other devices or members of the “I hate anything Apple” camp that just gotta go online and graffiti their comments on every available website will definitely be fist pumping with “Apple copied this” or “Apple still doesn’t have that” will be out, circling like vultures waiting to pounce. It’s ok; we all had to wear diapers before we could troll the internet while on the toilet.

For details on iOS 5, what’s covered and/or included, consult your local Apple retailer or visit

#iPhone Wallpapers Of @WendyFour

May 29th, 2011 No comments

Almost 10 years ago, @FreddyNorman & I were amongst the top posters at, an online mobile phone community most known for modding, and where I got my infamy for being an l337 g33k especially in the wireless phone scene. While I’m still remembered to this day for ringtones, both of us made tons and tons of wallpapers that have been used the world over on countless wireless handsets. It was his idea to make some wallpapers again for our beloved iPhones, however I’m sure you’ll still see some things still never changed with me. ;)

Note: These wallpapers will work on your iOS powered iPod touch too. Also, please visit Ms. Wendy Fiore aka Wendy Combattente or Wendy Four on her twitter and official website.