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iPhone… The Battle Begins

January 19th, 2011 No comments

The iPhone is still the most desired smartphone in the world, however it’s already showing some gray hairs. Verizon will get the iPhone next month however mind you that is a CDMA version of the existing iPhone 4 already produced for GSM carriers worldwide. You don’t need to be a genius to know that this summer we all will be privy to a new iPhone this summer with “mysteriously” a whole new antenna (remember antennagate?), however it wouldn’t make sense for Verizon to release iPhone “5″ just 4 or 5 short months after market launch, now would it?

AT&T is finally feeling the pressure by introducing 4G later in the year and now today has plans to “enhance” the text messaging bundles going into effect January 23rd, 2011. Bottom line, if you have unlimited text now with AT&T, nothing changes. If you plan on switching to Verizon or getting the iPhone with Verizon, remember that you still can’t talk & text or transmit data (i.e. apps, web, etc.) at the same time until Verizon goes with LTE, quite possibly in another year. AT&T will however have to struggle to retain iPhone clients marketshare as many will pay the ETF and scurry to VZW because of poor reception/call quality. Next up for AT&T; hot spot tethering that Verizon will gladly offer while AT&T wants you to pay a $30 monthly premium on today.

Here’s what I foresee down the road; most consumers today see 3 viable phones in the market today: iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. Each offer their pluses and minuses, however if you already have or choose iPhone, Apple still gobbles up marketshare either way you go, however the two telecom giants will have to battle over who stays or goes and that battle will be won with lower pricing. I mean c’mon, texting is just small data packets transmitted via radio airwaves and $20 for unlimited messaging is just highway robbery, however this will be a fun fight to watch as a consumer in 2011.

iPhone 4 Bumper; Day 1

July 29th, 2010 No comments

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iPhone 4 Bumper

Come home late after a very long day (and week if you’re really interested) to see a plain white, bubble wrap package in the mail waiting for me. Inside was a black iPhone 4 bumper that I had ordered the day Apple opened up the program for a free case to be shipped out to you. The pic in this post was taken with my iPhone 4.

While this was meant to address the issues surrounding reception, AKA “antennagate”, this bumper (can’t be called a case since it doesn’t actually cover the phone, just the surrounding sides), it really has more function from keeping the phone from sliding around on smooth surfaces which I found to be a plus. The quality of the bumper is great; very OEM like feel as if it was really meant to be a part of the phone at the original design. It features integrated buttons that “snap” and respond just as if it really wasn’t a bumper at all and was just part of the phone. That 2mm lip on both the front and back are constructed of rubber so it gives just enough space to prevent any scratches from the glass surfaces in daily use. It gives a little resistance so it doesn’t feel as if it’ll slip from your hands or pocket.

As for the real reason as to why these are even available, adding a barrier between your hand and the tri-antennas to prevent a user from grounding and attenuation, that’s a matter that’ll really be seen with time and use. Within the one day that I’ve had and used it, it appears that there’s still a little attenuation, but not like before so problem still not 100% solved, but a little better at least.

Overall, it does the job its designed for and adds just a wee bit of bulk to the phone if you place it in your shirt pocked like I usually do. All in all, good effort Apple to address antenna gate, however we really know that a future firmware update will have to take care of the proximity sensor problem as well as the attenuation situation. Thanks, Mr. Jobs, for my free case and saving me $30.

I Get A Free Bumper… But Is The Problem Fixed?

July 16th, 2010 No comments

Steve Jobs is such a gangsta. Gotta love a salesman. He knowingly puts out a product to market that engineers warned him may have a design flaw, yet approves it anyway likely to met the droves of fanbois (sadly, I raise my hand) and investors, not to mention the annual releasing of an updated iPhone every June/July which has now become customary and didn’t want to disappoint the masses.

Ok, so I get free shit, but does that mean that anything was actually fixed? No. Far from. “Take this $30 gift and keep your mouth shut” should have been the basis of this announcement today. It’s a $1 made-in-China-plastic-and-rubber-ring which was an easy and cost effective cop out for Apple. Kinda reminds me of when I got my hair cut as a kid and getting a sucker at the end just to take my mind off of the shitty haircut I just got and the grief I’d have to endure when I returned to school on Monday morning. Gee, thanks.

iPhone 4, Finally Mine.

June 24th, 2010 No comments

Yes, the iPhone 4 launched today. You no doubt knew that. You saw if not heard of huge lines for those waiting for one. This, folks, is the unicorn of wireless phones as many people walked away disappointed, however check craigslist or eBay… at $1,300 USD or more for one.

So you all know I pre-ordered mine over a week ago with Best Buy. I usually have bought most of all my phones with AT&T stores, however I just knew they would sell out quickly so I figured I may as well get Reward Zone points for getting one from Best Buy. Got the call 2 days ago confirming my appointment this morning for pick-up only to face another line when I arrived. Granted, it wasn’t all THAT bad, however the department manager told me he was sorry for the delay however one employee called in sick. They really were understaffed but all in all, I only waited like 20 – 25 minutes before getting my ball rolling.

In case you didn’t know, I’m coming from an iPhone 3G so stepping into the iPhone 4 was like driving on the autobahn when I’m used to the 405 at rush hour… another world. It’s so much snappier, quicker, more responsive. Apps fly through my finger manipulations. Closing one to the next is a breeze. Multi-tasking is a god send! The screen is so vibrant, crisp, and unbelievably razor sharp. All this processing power didn’t come at the highest cost of battery life being shortened. Having iOS4 on my 3G was sluggish, tedious, frustrating. This, my friends, is what we asked and wanted in our wireless handsets.

Granted, I have yet to take a picture or record a video, yet to have a FaceTime call, or much of the other features. I’ll get to them, trust me, but this is a phone and I do use it for work as well as play to keep in touch with friends, family, and you on Facebook, Twitter, etc. first.

This is a thinner handset than previous yet heavier. It just feels like a well crafted piece of machinery in your hand. The speakers are livelier and a touch louder (as compared to the 3G). The home button has a solid feel when you depress it with a certain “snap”. The screen’s responsiveness to touch seems to have improved some as well.

I got the 16GB model being that I won’t be holding more than a thousand or so songs, but I like podcasts and apps so it would be a waste for me to get a 32GB. In closing, whether you choose a black or white model, 16GB or 32GB, this is truly a marvelous communication device and is as close to what something like George Jetson and his family would have had in our time instead of theirs.