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Apple vs. Android Fight

September 23rd, 2012 1 comment
Apple vs. Android Fight

Apple vs. Android Fight

The world knows by now that the new iPhone 5 was just released this weekend along with their latest iOS software that runs on most all Apple mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

While I didn’t run out and buy an iPhone 5, I am eligible to get one however didn’t want to get involved with the pre-order scramble madness that usually surrounds each and every mobile Apple device. I do plan on getting an iPhone in about a month, upgrading from my iPhone 4 from 2 years ago.

With that now all laid out, I’m aware there is a community out there that absolutely despises anytime Apples does, well, anything and it makes news. I personally have used the iPhone since 2007 and converted from Windows computers to Mac as of a few years ago, mostly because it has been the standard within the creative and design world for several years. While I do still own a Windows 7 & Linux netbooks, my MacBook Pro is what I use on a daily basis, and haven’t looked back since.

What I don’t understand is the deep seeded hate from one “community” to another. Whether it’s a preferred mobile phone, operating system, computing hardware, etc., we all have our preferences and reasoning for choosing one over another. Many have tried an Android phone and an iPhone, and have settled on their choice and some have been rabid about their feelings when “the other” does something that apparently was originated from their platform of choice. Do you honestly think that spewing your dislike and angst filled comments on online forums, videos, social media, and any other outlet is going to make the masses just drop what they’re doing and convert on the spot just because you said it? And if that was a possibility, what benefit is it to you?

While I too grow tired of reading all of Apple’s issues, faults, and news, it is indeed huge media fodder for the people out there that care to read it or listen. If that audience didn’t exist, then neither would the news surrounding it. Alas, it’s there, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon so no matter what you like or prefer, we all need to stop acting like children in the backseat during a long road trip to visit relatives constantly screaming, “he’s touching me!”

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