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iOS 5 + iCloud Are Finally Here!

October 12th, 2011 No comments
iOS 5

iOS 5

This has got to be Apple’s biggest shining moment, and it’s sad that Mr. Jobs won’t be seeing it from this world. Today, Apple has launched iOS 5 software to be downloaded and installed on millions of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and just the software alone can revolutionize an industry if not the world. Pretty bold statement, eh? Well, look closer inside.

Sure, everyone takes from anyone and Apple is no different. Speaking specifically on their new Notification Center which has long been on other phones, most notably Android handhelds, however it’s now here and stock on iOS 5. Jailbreakers could have had this feature for some time and it was about time Apple finally made it into their official build. iMessage will change the service providers since users of iOS 5 can send SMS & MMS for FREE amongst one another, anywhere in the world! Free iCloud access for anyone with an Apple ID and iOS 5 device now allows you to sync and backup to a cloud with the capability to stream certain files to other iOS 5 devices that you own. You can also restore and activate a new device simply by logging into your iCloud account. Again, free with 5 GB of storage. Don’t confuse this with Dropbox and the ability to store ANY file you desire. You will be able to stream your purchased iTunes media files from the cloud to again any logged in device. Later in the month when iTunes Match arrives, you’ll be able to listen to your entire library while on the go with any iOS 5 device.

Gotta mention Wireless Sync which is just all kinds of awesome since you can literally sync multiple iOS 5 devices all at the same time while at home and all using the same WiFi network. Just brilliant, however it was a paid feature as a Cydia app if you jailbroke, however it’s now included. Wireless capabilities don’t just stop there, so now you can actually activate a brand new iOS 5 device without ever connecting it to a computer. This was possible before and another welcomed addition. Even future iOS 5 updates can be done OTA or “over the air” since only the delta update will be downloaded instead of the entire file, which is humongous.

I’m aware haters will always hate, so fans of other devices or members of the “I hate anything Apple” camp that just gotta go online and graffiti their comments on every available website will definitely be fist pumping with “Apple copied this” or “Apple still doesn’t have that” will be out, circling like vultures waiting to pounce. It’s ok; we all had to wear diapers before we could troll the internet while on the toilet.

For details on iOS 5, what’s covered and/or included, consult your local Apple retailer or visit

#iOS5 Beta 2 Review

June 29th, 2011 No comments
iOS5 WiFi Sync

iOS5 WiFi Sync

I’m sure you guys are pretty capable of searching for all the lovely changes in Apple’s latest iOS 5 beta on the tech blogs, however I’m thinking the slickest thing that is now live is WiFi sync. Syncing your device sans cable was at one time a $10 donation to a Cydia dev a few years ago if you jailbroke your phone or iPod touch which no doubt Apple paid attention to. True, it’s not ground breaking by any means, however just adds to the cool factor.

Otherwise, the revamped notifications of texts, missed calls, tweets, and the like as a new event is displayed as a “bubble”, which is displayed later like beta 1 in the Notification Center lock screen. If it’s a new email, tweet, or SMS alert, you just swipe the notification to go directly to the message. Nice.

Can’t really speak for battery life this time around, but I’d say not much has changed from beta 1 however I’ve noticed my iPhone 4 feels warmer than before with use. Maybe just me. What’s been really perplexing is just getting it installed to begin with. I had to uninstall iTunes 10.5 beta 1 along with other mods before installing iTunes 10.5 beta 2. Even after installing, I didn’t get all the pretty little setup stuff like when I installed beta 1 to begin with.

Only thing a little suspect now with WiFi sync and iCloud, I’ve been having issues with backing up locally. I dunno if I can trust Apple 100% with my details and personal info and NOT keep a backup on my laptop in case of something. To take a leap of faith and cut that cord, hoping that should something go awry, good ole Cupertino & crew got my back with my address book, notes, etc. all backed up and ready to download and install. Again, give me that option to keep a local backup that I can burn to CD and archive that will help me sleep better at night.

Backup fail

Backup fail

Yes, it’s in beta and it’s months away from going gold master to everyone, but it’s just a concern. I’m guessing that once iCloud launches to everyone with the release of iOS 5 final, that a local backup option will be made available, either from iTunes or iCloud’s web portal or maybe both.

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#iOS5 Review: Day 1

June 8th, 2011 2 comments
iOS 5

iOS 5

So this past Monday’s WWDC announcement of iOS 5 beta was too tempting to pass up on the chance to give it a little go for myself. First, I’ll cover how I got it.

iOS 5 gold or completed for distribution won’t be available to the masses until this coming Fall, however developers got the chance to test it for the purpose of their scripts and apps within the new operating system. I’m not a developer, however I am an enthusiast and a tinkerer, so with a little Googleage, you too can come up with the needed IPSW file for your device. I’m choosing my GSM iPhone 4 that I use daily. You’ll need along with it iTunes 10.5 beta to install and activate it. Finally, if you actually use your iPhone for phone calls, you’ll need a developer account to add your UDID (viewable in iTunes when your device is connected) to Apple’s database of authenticated users for activation otherwise you got yourself a shiny, pretty iPod touch. If you don’t feel like ponying up $100/year for a developer account, contact some one that already has one and can register your device for the year for you (hint; eBay).

Now that your files are downloaded and your UDID is registered, install iTunes 10.5 beta and sync your device. Added insurance is to right-click your device within iTunes and select ‘Back Up’. Option (OS X) or Shift (PC) click ‘Restore’ and select your iOS 5 beta IPSW file and let the Cupertino magic begin.

The entire process is of course a breeze, and all that’s left is to reinstall your pictures, music files, and apps from your restore backup profile and you now have yourself a fully functioning iOS 5 device to try for yourself. Let’s keep mind that this is beta so expect little quirky shit to happen. You still can use it to your heart’s content and buy shit, update apps, call, text, whatever, but not all third party apps are to be expected to work perfectly and you may experience glitches along the way.

Now, my first full day is updating some settings like the twitter integration and iCloud setup, however most of this stuff is tied into your Apple ID account. My most used and more important third party apps to me worked with no problems, so I’m happy. Double clicking the home button while the phone is in sleep mode gets you the quick camera button for catching another Lindsay Lohan nip slip of the day much quicker than before.

I’m totally loving the notifications banner on the top of the screen instead of disturbing you when you’re in the middle of typing something. The automatic syncing to iTunes is nice, but completely wireless will be a dream come true later. Lock screen now shows missed calls, twitter messages, Facebook messages, and more. Notification Center (swipe down from the top the unlocked screen) is nice, just wish stocks and weather were in the lock screen instead for a quick glance, but not a total downer. iMessage is winning, now killing off WhatsApp and Ping! that have been on my phone, not getting much use anymore.

Overall, the OS “feels” the same, responding like iOS 4 does on the iPhone 4. I do like how they split the iPod app now into separate Music and Video apps, especially since I hardly use my iPhone for videos, YouTube, or Netflix. Since I’m more of a data on the go guy, it did seem like I chewed through more battery than with iOS 4, but mind you I was using 3G rather than WiFi most of today. I’m very pleased with the beta so far and would like to keep it until the final version is available to all later in the year.