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iPad 2 Review… Toez Style

March 27th, 2011 2 comments

Ok, so let’s cover a few things: I did not own the first generation iPad, however did have the opportunity to “mess with one” just to satisfy the curiosity of what they are. Let’s first remember that even Apple themselves have said that the iPad is not a laptop replacement, therefore you’d better not be expecting to ditch a netbook or a laptop for this. If that was your intention, save your money and get a MacBook Air instead.

We all have heard it; “the iPad is nothing more than a gassy, bloated iPod touch”. Answer? True. Look under the hood; both run iOS software, run apps from Apple’s App Store, both now feature cameras for FaceTime and other uses, and both are lightweight and portable. Yet the iPad has obviously much more screen real estate (almost triple) to read and compose making it more valuable if you’re a more avid user of such devices. Granted, the iPod touch is desired for its portability, but given that device’s #1 function is an iPod, the iPad excels with better usability and, believe it or not, superior battery performance.

Sure, the iPad has the world lining up for one however how many of them passed on the first generation (like me) knowing that a better model was just a year or so away? I think that was many of us since we tried for a year to figure out just how this device would fit into our lives. I use it now for note taking, web browsing, and email mostly however it’s also indispensable as an entertainment source for music and video, including Netflix which looks much better on a 9.7″ screen v. 3.5″. Remember also that there’s just a $200 difference between an iPad and an iPod touch. If you just shuddered over $200 when reading that last sentence, you likely have no business even looking at any of these devices to begin with.

I’ve read that the iPad 2 is much faster as compared to the original iPad… MUCH FASTER. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t have one, but ok. This sucker is pretty fast so I have nothing else to compare it to other than my iPhone 4. Which segways now into functionality. Sure, the iPad isn’t the only tablet on the market, however it might as well be. Here’s the secret: WiFi only model first to market and a massive resource for apps. Period. I’m still shocked that at the time I’m writing this, there isn’t a official Skype or Facebook app specifically for the iPad 2, however I’m also well aware the damn thing just hit market 2 weeks ago to begin with, so I’m pretty sure they’re hot on the trail as of this very moment.

Next up, some tips. Since many people don’t read blocks of text just to get the info that’s important to them, I’m hoping this part doesn’t get skipped should you decide to get an iPad (lots of great deals on the first generation in fact), you will need to sync it first right out of the box with your active iTunes for the Apple ID. Also, if you also have another iOS device that has been paired to that PC with your Apple ID, create a new iPad profile. Trust me, my dumbass selected my existing iPhone 4 profile. No, I didn’t lose anything on either device, however it copied over system settings specifically to the iPhone to the iPad and I had lost keyboard clicks, lock screen sounds, etc. Now that iOS 4.3.1 is out, just restore your iPad with its own profile. Now mine works without a flaw and it really is a remarkable product. You too will like web browsing on it if you surf like I do. Don’t be a cheap ass & skip on a case, you’re definitely going to need one. I would like to track down a set of those low-profile rubber feet bumpers on the bottom of a unibody MacBook for the bottom of the iPad; suggestions?

Oh, and finally, I’m sure my male followers (and a few female followers) would like to know about pr0n on this thing… streams like a champ and hawt! I don’t get really the frenzy and looks when I’m carrying mine around, but if it’ll get me laid like walking a puppy in the park, come have a look ladies.

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Do I really Want An iPad 2?

February 8th, 2011 No comments

Before you go digging up my Twitter timeline & RT my ‘iPads suck’ tweet from last year, I’ll admit to being hasty on them. No, I’m not buzzing from the Cupertino Apple juice, but I’ve definitely had a change in heart on them when I learned of their real uses. Like a netbook, I’d definitely use it more for writing & social media rather than the “oversized iPod” or similar of what I said last year. Now that iPads are finally an iOS device, syncing between my iPhone and MacBook Pro will be nice; might even have to consider a MobileMe subscription.

Most of yous already know the pros vs. cons on the thing, so enough there. What’s this that it is rumored to be sans Retina Display however? I kinda get that it might be cost prohibitive to produce them for the iPad, however reality check; aren’t these already fucking expensive as it is? Sure, it’ll be faster, more memory, more powerful, larger breasts… all what we expect when technology refreshes and updates, but no dope ass display to see it all? This would make my first iPad purchase and know they’ll keep making a better one next year, but they can do it all now and should especially to justify their steep price tags on the damn things.

Let’s also remember that it’s all just rumor at this point until they announce them sometime later this month (I’m speculating!) and they very well could have dual cameras and retina display in addition to all the other things I mentioned… larger breasts, likely not.

EDIT: There is yet another rumor that we might see iPad 3 as early as September for this year’s iPod conference. Might be worth holding out possibly. :/

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iPhone 3GS iOS 4.1 Easy Unlock

November 30th, 2010 No comments

Got an iPhone 3G or 3GS on baseband (modem firmware) 05.xx.xx and had trouble unlocking in the past? God bless the Dev Team for working hard and discovering that the iPad baseband is vulnerable to exploit. I would’ve made a YouTube video with a how-to, but it was too easy to film. Best thing to do if you need to unlock is stick with iOS 4.1 as 4.2.1 may still have issues with unlocking. Get in while you can!

  • 1. Use redsn0w. OSX | Win
  • 2. Make sure your phone is plugged into USB the entire time.
  • 3. Enable the “Install iPad baseband” option and accept the warning.
  • 4. Once redsn0w is done, open Cydia from the phone, then search & install ultrasn0w 1.2.
  • 5. Restart your iPhone & enjoy a jailbroken iOS 4.1, unlocked 3G and/or 3GS!
  • UPDATE: If you’re one of the few experiencing poor battery performance after unlocking, it’s likely because of hacktivation with redsn0w. iOS 4.1 and up is attempting to “phone home” looking for valid push certificates, sucking up data without you knowing. Quick fix is to pop in a valid carrier SIM to activate (borrowed from a friend or family) or install SBSettings from Cydia & turn off any data when you’re not using your phone. There may be another updated solution from Cydia in a few days.

    Movember, Where Have You Gone?

    November 26th, 2010 No comments

    Wow, Thanksgiving zoomed passed, it’s Black Friday today and over half of America is scrambling to find “deals of the year” that don’t really exist except on cheap shit. The whole Movember movement has been mostly forgotten by now, but it was a good run. Gran Turismo 5 made a come back after a 6 year silence. Netflix finally went streaming only. iOS 4.2.1 made the Apple fans hearts flutter. All in all, November really was a pretty big month if you think about it.

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    I Get A Free Bumper… But Is The Problem Fixed?

    July 16th, 2010 No comments

    Steve Jobs is such a gangsta. Gotta love a salesman. He knowingly puts out a product to market that engineers warned him may have a design flaw, yet approves it anyway likely to met the droves of fanbois (sadly, I raise my hand) and investors, not to mention the annual releasing of an updated iPhone every June/July which has now become customary and didn’t want to disappoint the masses.

    Ok, so I get free shit, but does that mean that anything was actually fixed? No. Far from. “Take this $30 gift and keep your mouth shut” should have been the basis of this announcement today. It’s a $1 made-in-China-plastic-and-rubber-ring which was an easy and cost effective cop out for Apple. Kinda reminds me of when I got my hair cut as a kid and getting a sucker at the end just to take my mind off of the shitty haircut I just got and the grief I’d have to endure when I returned to school on Monday morning. Gee, thanks.