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Apple TV vs. Google TV… FIGHT!!

October 26th, 2010 No comments

First of all, I’ve yet to purchase either of these, however let’s just look at features & details, shall we?

Yes, Apple TV displays at 720p however your shiny new HDTV clearly reads on the box 1080p… so it must suck, yes? Dumbass, 1080p is Blu Ray movies. That “HD” Discovery Channel feature you saw on sperm whales last week was also broadcast in 720p… it’s still hi def, hello! Bandwidth for 1080p is massive and not just yet widely available, so 720p is just fine to display on your amazing plasma display. Besides, I’m talking movies and music. Who does it better than Apple with iTunes and organizing entertainment
media, eh?

Alright yes, I’m a fanboi but let’s look closer… do you already own a PC in your home already? Do you already have a DVR? Why in the hell do you need essentially yet another “media center” to manage recorded programs and surf online videos like YouTube, Hulu, etc.? Listen, we both have Netflix (if you don’t, meh) and odds are you’re a geek like me, you’ve got gobs of video and audio files already, however watching pr0n, err, that educational DVD you legally own and ripped for your own archiving and personal backup (pfft…) sucks to view on a 15″ screen without squinting like an Asian man outside on a bright sunny day, why not proudly display that shit on your whopping 50″+ HDTV instead?

Google TV is for the layman. Read: dumbass. Sure, they both have the same capabilities with streaming media, however Google TV will have apps (Android Market) when all you really need or want is to watch your media when you want it; now. I don’t need yet another frigg’n computer to manage what’s on or even what to watch; I have my own collection plus whatever I can stream from Netflix. Google TV boasts a Chrome browser in addition to connecting your external Blu Ray player, internet media, DVR, whatever. Basically, another thing to connect to this guy to connect to that guy to connect to the other guy… why for, Jackson? You really need yet another web browsing appliance, SRSLY?

Google TV is cool for those guys trying to act likely they’re hip by flipping through Electronics Today magazine, but I’ll pass while I continue to swig on the Apple juice, straight from Cupertino concentrate for only $99.