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Sony dash Personal Internet Viewer

October 19th, 2010 No comments

Funny, you can’t call this a digital frame nor an alarm clock, however the Sony dash has these functions. What’s the purpose of one of these really? They’re essentially an overpriced alarm clock, however with many, many more features.

First of all, you gotta have WiFi near or this just became a $200 brick that tells time. It’s a slick geek toy that puts YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and more right at your fingertips while in the guise of a “tablet” on your nightstand, kitchen, or at the office. Wanna know what the traffic will be like on your way to home or from the office, quickly glance at news headlines, stream Pandora, see if your ex-girlfriend replied back to you on Facebook… WHATEVER; this thing has got it all in one shot. It’s a touchscreen with apps powered by Chumby, however there’s no battery backup meaning that it’s not portable.

Again, why would you entertain such an item in your home or office? It’s fucking cool.