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Ban All Guns. That Will Fix It, Right?

December 16th, 2012 No comments

Reading comments on YouTube from people of other countries (meaning non-Americans) over news of the Connecticut school shooting this past Friday, and I guess we do appear as a nation that’s just out of control with our 2nd Amendment to the world. I’ll go on record by saying I don’t own firearms, however many of you know that I like playing first person shooter video games, which the media has already mentioned the shooter also enjoyed.

Gun control has been mentioned whenever possible and even banning them altogether, however will even that solve anything? Remember the Norway shooting in 2010? What about Virginia Tech in 2007? Columbine anyone? Notice anything similar in all of them? Yes, young people were targeted because they were defenseless and unknowing. A sick individual has to pull a trigger in order to cause harm or worse.

Every time our world faces a senseless act of violence, almost immediately the cries for gun control or outright bans go up. You seriously don’t think that manufacturers will simply just stop making guns and ammo, do you? I mean, it’s not like prohibition really “fixed” anything, right? Drugs and alcohol (during the U.S. prohibition) were still aplenty even though they couldn’t legally be sold.

I’m pretty sure that when this country’s founders wrote the constitution almost 250 years ago, they didn’t imagine that weapons would have advanced as they have today. The foundation of the second amendment is still sound today, but I do agree stricter methods to obtain weapons and their ammunition must be introduced. After all, a doctor can prescribe a potentially addictive medication after an examination, so why aren’t we looking closer at the people that own guns and/or wish to purchase them? We have to register our vehicles with the DMV annually, so why isn’t something similar in place for individual weapons to the government? We gotta do smog checks on our vehicles, so why not inspect each individual registered weapon every year or so and make certain that not only the owners are mentally fit to use these guns, but that the guns themselves aren’t modified for their intended purpose. Maybe even limit the number of guns a registered owner can purchase in a given year, or even at a time.

I know, I’m not the biggest fan of having the government meddle with who can have what, but this might be a case where they might need to step up and implement new regulations. Average citizens shouldn’t have access to high caliber assault rifles, but it’s a state by state thing now as I understand it. If home defense is your motivation for owning guns, isn’t a pistol good enough? Deer hunters wouldn’t shoot with assault rifles or they’d ruin the meat. There are portions of this country that shoot for sport in a controlled environment (i.e. shooting ranges) or even shoot for hunting for food, and there are appropriate guns for either scenario. Keeping sub-machine guns at home for defense is just ridiculous.

I’m saddened that innocent children were murdered along with their trusted teachers and care takers in this latest episode. I wouldn’t call what happened a tragedy as the definition truly doesn’t match what had occurred. Banning all weapons isn’t going to prevent a future occurrence anywhere. We really should have a closer look at the individuals that are likely to commit such cowardly acts instead of just the weapons themselves.

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Without Steve Jobs, Could Apple Still Bear Fruit?

August 24th, 2011 No comments
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Can Apple, the most valuable company in the world today, continue it’s success without Steve Jobs as CEO? Well, he ain’t gone… he’s still Chairman of the Board at Apple and no doubt will still be around.

It’s likely his decision to step down has to do with his health since he’s been on a medical leave of absence since January of this year. He has been credited with reviving the fledgling company back in the 90′s to the powerhouse it is today. Likely one of the most incredible American “comeback” stories ever told. While he didn’t do it single-handedly, he still had the vision to plow forward where others scoffed.

Call me a fan boi all you want, the fact of the matter is the underdog finally came out on top and there’s no denying Apple and their products are used and loved daily by many millions of people worldwide. They never succumbed to what their peers were doing, but rather innovated and became the most envied and duplicated company, likely in modern history.

So Tim Cooke was appointed as the successor as CEO of the company and I’m sure we all wish him well. I have no doubt he feels the pressure of stepping in Jobso’s shadow, however the core (pun intended!) will still continue to support and adore the produce (another one!) that this beloved company markets. He is well deserved of the position and has proved himself a leader during Steve’s absence.

I truly hope that we will still see you, Steve, at conferences and events as no one does a keynote like you do. No one. Boom!

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

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Thanks @RockstarGames and @PixelEnemyREV

May 26th, 2011 No comments

From triple XP on Red Dead Redemption helping me get closer to my Legendary 5 status back…

to getting featured on the most watched YouTube channel specifically for the Battlefield video game series…

today was indeed a good day to be home sick and play video games! My thanks again to Rockstar Games for the recent triple XP sessions in multiplayer and to PixelEnemy Revive for putting up my video so the masses can view & hopefully get tips or something from it.

Twitpic Takes Your Picture… Literally

May 25th, 2011 No comments

Whether or not you’re a twitter user, you’ve likely still have come across the website TwitPic. It’s all I’ve ever used in the past 3 years since I’ve been on twitter and likely for others, the only one they’ve ever heard of for that matter to host and share your pics. Thing is, now if you continue using their “service”, you no longer own your own pictures. That’s right, even that pic of you and your girlfriends just having coffee. TwitPic says themselves “it’s all good”, however it’s still in their ToS or Terms of Service that they can take your pics and do with them as they please. Read the link below for deets, however you may wish to consider alternatives as there are many to be found. Among them, I’ve chosen and began to use Posterous personally.

Source: Twitpic takes pictures, literally | Marketplace From American Public Media

Honorable mention to @The_Omniscient for retweeting @JaysonElliot.

UPDATE: twitter themselves in a blog post today, June 1, 2011, mentions that they will be partnering with @Photobucket for in-app picture hosting essentially killing off third-party pic hosting solutions. The roll out will be happening within weeks according to their blog post.

WordPress 3.0!

June 18th, 2010 No comments

Meh, most of yous aren’t really gonna care about this, but this blog is powered by WordPress software and I read this morning about their latest update available as a final release to 3.0. Hopefully everything syncs up fine & works just as I expect from this fine piece of software which I hope all of you, the reader, enjoy!

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