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Official @ATT NA: All Your SIMs Are Belong To Us

March 20th, 2011 No comments
AT&T. Your world, Destroyed.

AT&T. Your world, Destroyed.

Who truly didn’t see this coming? Honestly, this came way later than I ever anticipated. AT&T just capped and will charge you should you go over your monthly residential bandwidth allowance, likely just to pay for this new party by scooping up T-Mobile here in the States.

Finally now AT&T has a firm grip on the GSM subscribers here in America by bullying their only competitor out of the way. Did Catherine Zeta-Jones know something cause she stopped being their spokeswoman just 2 years now? What will all those poor Sidekick II subscribers do now? Will all those jailbroken iPhones now mysteriously be covered under warranty?

Source: AT&T Investor Relations


So @ATT Wants To Penalize Your Internets

March 13th, 2011 No comments

This just in and be ready to be pissed at AT&T… again. We are more connected to the online world today more than ever. If you game online, watch Netflix, transfer files for work or play like Dropbox, have a wireless router so all your devices can share bandwidth not to mention software updates for all of them and much more, you too won’t be happy to learn that if you have AT&T as your ISP via DSL or their U-Verse service, they will cap your monthly download bandwidth to 150 GB for DSL customers, 250 GB for U-Verse customers starting May 2. Unlimited all of a sudden just hit a limit.

Source: DSL Reports


iPhone… The Battle Begins

January 19th, 2011 No comments

The iPhone is still the most desired smartphone in the world, however it’s already showing some gray hairs. Verizon will get the iPhone next month however mind you that is a CDMA version of the existing iPhone 4 already produced for GSM carriers worldwide. You don’t need to be a genius to know that this summer we all will be privy to a new iPhone this summer with “mysteriously” a whole new antenna (remember antennagate?), however it wouldn’t make sense for Verizon to release iPhone “5″ just 4 or 5 short months after market launch, now would it?

AT&T is finally feeling the pressure by introducing 4G later in the year and now today has plans to “enhance” the text messaging bundles going into effect January 23rd, 2011. Bottom line, if you have unlimited text now with AT&T, nothing changes. If you plan on switching to Verizon or getting the iPhone with Verizon, remember that you still can’t talk & text or transmit data (i.e. apps, web, etc.) at the same time until Verizon goes with LTE, quite possibly in another year. AT&T will however have to struggle to retain iPhone clients marketshare as many will pay the ETF and scurry to VZW because of poor reception/call quality. Next up for AT&T; hot spot tethering that Verizon will gladly offer while AT&T wants you to pay a $30 monthly premium on today.

Here’s what I foresee down the road; most consumers today see 3 viable phones in the market today: iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. Each offer their pluses and minuses, however if you already have or choose iPhone, Apple still gobbles up marketshare either way you go, however the two telecom giants will have to battle over who stays or goes and that battle will be won with lower pricing. I mean c’mon, texting is just small data packets transmitted via radio airwaves and $20 for unlimited messaging is just highway robbery, however this will be a fun fight to watch as a consumer in 2011.

Verizon Is FINALLY Getting The iPhone

January 7th, 2011 No comments

There is now no doubt in my mind that Verizon Wireless is finally getting some Apple juice. Makes sense; Apple shares are at an all time high, AT&T network complaints are also at an all time high, and Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market is still growing so their market penetration will PWN over BlackBerry & Android. It’s a smart step for both parties so if you’re a gambler & have cash, buy AAPL like right now! I’m no Cramer, but this is a no brainer. See you next Tuesday.

Source: Mac Rumors

EDIT: Sources pointing at a second generation iPad coming (at least the announcement) within 4 weeks.

Jailbreaking; No Longer A Bad Word

July 27th, 2010 No comments

So the U.S. Federal Government decided yesterday that jailbreaking your shiny new iPhone is longer a bad thing. iPhone prohibition is over, eh? Well, power to the consumer for this “win”, however there’s still a sour with anything sweet.

First, you’ll still void your warranty with Apple & will pay through the nose if you need support. If you’re under contract with AT&T, you’ll be penalized.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m for freedom of choice and this is a step forward, but it runs your battery down with all of the processes & memory requirements for the sake of the cool stuff you can do with it. In the end, it’s not all that. If you don’t use every app Cydia offers, you can benefit if you have service by T-Mobile & save money using their wireless service.

I actually am ok with AT&T ironically, but the service is lacking where I work & need it most. It is a hassle when you’re on a business call & it drops… again and again. I have jailbroke before and while it was cool, it was also mega slow too. Not a fair trade for me so I’ll stick with stock. Of course, your miles may vary with your use should you choose, but I do like that you now don’t have to cowl in fear when you need help at the Genius Bar.

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