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Apple vs. Android Fight

September 23rd, 2012 1 comment
Apple vs. Android Fight

Apple vs. Android Fight

The world knows by now that the new iPhone 5 was just released this weekend along with their latest iOS software that runs on most all Apple mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

While I didn’t run out and buy an iPhone 5, I am eligible to get one however didn’t want to get involved with the pre-order scramble madness that usually surrounds each and every mobile Apple device. I do plan on getting an iPhone in about a month, upgrading from my iPhone 4 from 2 years ago.

With that now all laid out, I’m aware there is a community out there that absolutely despises anytime Apples does, well, anything and it makes news. I personally have used the iPhone since 2007 and converted from Windows computers to Mac as of a few years ago, mostly because it has been the standard within the creative and design world for several years. While I do still own a Windows 7 & Linux netbooks, my MacBook Pro is what I use on a daily basis, and haven’t looked back since.

What I don’t understand is the deep seeded hate from one “community” to another. Whether it’s a preferred mobile phone, operating system, computing hardware, etc., we all have our preferences and reasoning for choosing one over another. Many have tried an Android phone and an iPhone, and have settled on their choice and some have been rabid about their feelings when “the other” does something that apparently was originated from their platform of choice. Do you honestly think that spewing your dislike and angst filled comments on online forums, videos, social media, and any other outlet is going to make the masses just drop what they’re doing and convert on the spot just because you said it? And if that was a possibility, what benefit is it to you?

While I too grow tired of reading all of Apple’s issues, faults, and news, it is indeed huge media fodder for the people out there that care to read it or listen. If that audience didn’t exist, then neither would the news surrounding it. Alas, it’s there, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon so no matter what you like or prefer, we all need to stop acting like children in the backseat during a long road trip to visit relatives constantly screaming, “he’s touching me!”

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iOS 5 + iCloud Are Finally Here!

October 12th, 2011 No comments
iOS 5

iOS 5

This has got to be Apple’s biggest shining moment, and it’s sad that Mr. Jobs won’t be seeing it from this world. Today, Apple has launched iOS 5 software to be downloaded and installed on millions of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and just the software alone can revolutionize an industry if not the world. Pretty bold statement, eh? Well, look closer inside.

Sure, everyone takes from anyone and Apple is no different. Speaking specifically on their new Notification Center which has long been on other phones, most notably Android handhelds, however it’s now here and stock on iOS 5. Jailbreakers could have had this feature for some time and it was about time Apple finally made it into their official build. iMessage will change the service providers since users of iOS 5 can send SMS & MMS for FREE amongst one another, anywhere in the world! Free iCloud access for anyone with an Apple ID and iOS 5 device now allows you to sync and backup to a cloud with the capability to stream certain files to other iOS 5 devices that you own. You can also restore and activate a new device simply by logging into your iCloud account. Again, free with 5 GB of storage. Don’t confuse this with Dropbox and the ability to store ANY file you desire. You will be able to stream your purchased iTunes media files from the cloud to again any logged in device. Later in the month when iTunes Match arrives, you’ll be able to listen to your entire library while on the go with any iOS 5 device.

Gotta mention Wireless Sync which is just all kinds of awesome since you can literally sync multiple iOS 5 devices all at the same time while at home and all using the same WiFi network. Just brilliant, however it was a paid feature as a Cydia app if you jailbroke, however it’s now included. Wireless capabilities don’t just stop there, so now you can actually activate a brand new iOS 5 device without ever connecting it to a computer. This was possible before and another welcomed addition. Even future iOS 5 updates can be done OTA or “over the air” since only the delta update will be downloaded instead of the entire file, which is humongous.

I’m aware haters will always hate, so fans of other devices or members of the “I hate anything Apple” camp that just gotta go online and graffiti their comments on every available website will definitely be fist pumping with “Apple copied this” or “Apple still doesn’t have that” will be out, circling like vultures waiting to pounce. It’s ok; we all had to wear diapers before we could troll the internet while on the toilet.

For details on iOS 5, what’s covered and/or included, consult your local Apple retailer or visit

Who Was Steve Jobs?

October 5th, 2011 1 comment
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Everyone knows his name, but how well did you really know who he was? I found that most contrarians simply resisted the Apple movement and just resorted to name calling Apple enthusiasts as “fanbois”. I think it’s almost human nature to stick with what you know, be it how you dress to what you eat to how you perform at your work or school and anything else we interact with on a normal basis. So to change how you think or challenge a volume of people on how something could be better is exactly what Mr. Jobs has accomplished.

Steve wasn’t a designer contrary to what the media claims; Steve was a helluva salesman. Sure, he had a passion for technology which is what spurred Apple back in the 70′s, however Woz was the geek and he sold it. Of course to sell something, you must know your product and indeed he did by challenging all involved to create and make it simple and easy to use. Anyone that has ever used a Macintosh or Apple II in the 80′s knows what I’m talking about; it was just simple to use.

Of course, Microsoft became dominant in the 90′s while Apple began to fall, however Steve had many failures before he became the individual we knew him as today. From a college dropout to getting booted out of Apple in 1985, he wasn’t always the shiny star we know. What Steve did as “captain of the ship” upon his return to Apple in 1997 was clean up, streamline, and innovate. He made tough but critical decisions that even investors would doubt would ever be accepted in the marketplace. Mr. Jobs was known to be blunt and even temperamental at times, but got the job done his way despite what his peers would say or think.

So why was this man celebrated? His vision and salesmanship. He knew that striking designs sell. He knew to keep it simple. He didn’t just sit back and bark orders, he instead dove in and investigated how his competitors work and how and when to counter. He had the pulse of his community behind him that wanted clean, timeless designs along with intuitive software to compliment the gorgeous pieces of hardware. Have a look at the original iPod for example; sure, clunky by today’s standard, but you still can’t deny its usefulness and ingenuity for its day. Recently, while other manufacturers concentrated on cheap netbooks, he brought the iPad to market and literally changed an entire genre.

No one could “sell the sizzle” like Steve could. I would watch every Apple keynote that I could like a little boy about to unwrap a Christmas gift. While other CEO’s also worth billions flaunted their private jets, yachts, and mansions worth more than some countries make, he was down to earth with his signature black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers and he talked to us on our level, or at least so it seemed. He was always very private and we may never know all there is to know about this man’s personal affairs but frankly, I don’t care. What matters to me is what he shaped and helped create and with it, he captured the world.

* Please note the inset image above was re-sized by me to fit an iPhone or iPod touch, however I cannot take credit for it nor do I know its original creator. This marks the first wallpaper I’ve ever recreated that doesn’t bear my watermark and wish for it to be distributed freely in honor of Mr. Steven Paul Jobs’ memory.


Without Steve Jobs, Could Apple Still Bear Fruit?

August 24th, 2011 No comments
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Can Apple, the most valuable company in the world today, continue it’s success without Steve Jobs as CEO? Well, he ain’t gone… he’s still Chairman of the Board at Apple and no doubt will still be around.

It’s likely his decision to step down has to do with his health since he’s been on a medical leave of absence since January of this year. He has been credited with reviving the fledgling company back in the 90′s to the powerhouse it is today. Likely one of the most incredible American “comeback” stories ever told. While he didn’t do it single-handedly, he still had the vision to plow forward where others scoffed.

Call me a fan boi all you want, the fact of the matter is the underdog finally came out on top and there’s no denying Apple and their products are used and loved daily by many millions of people worldwide. They never succumbed to what their peers were doing, but rather innovated and became the most envied and duplicated company, likely in modern history.

So Tim Cooke was appointed as the successor as CEO of the company and I’m sure we all wish him well. I have no doubt he feels the pressure of stepping in Jobso’s shadow, however the core (pun intended!) will still continue to support and adore the produce (another one!) that this beloved company markets. He is well deserved of the position and has proved himself a leader during Steve’s absence.

I truly hope that we will still see you, Steve, at conferences and events as no one does a keynote like you do. No one. Boom!

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

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OS X Lion Is Now Available

July 20th, 2011 No comments
OS X Lion

OS X Lion

Mac fans, here’s more than 250 new features that’s a huge leap forward in a few years with OS X. If you recently purchased a new Mac within the past month, you may be eligible to score your download gratis.

Yup, it’s being distributed as a download from the Mac App Store for $30. Later, you’ll be able to cop it from an Apple store for $70 on a few thumb drives, but see the Mashable link below on how you can backup your copy for a clean install or just to have it handy in case you want to skip installing Snow Leopard again first.

I’ve yet to personally get this at this moment as I will wish to do a clean install, however that’s a time consuming process. I’m also hoping for some some tech savvy reviews to discuss memory leaks and performance as well too. I’ll get it regardless, but like to know ahead of time what I’ll be dealing with.

Also in Apple news, the MacBook Air has been refreshed to be more like an iPad with a keyboard, a new Thunderbolt display for devices equipped with the new interface, refreshed Mac mini, and the deletion of the MacBook. Apple retail stores will also be removing boxed software and we’ll all have to just download from our home or office via the Mac App Store. With that said, it’s also the debut of Adobe in the App Store with their consumer friendly “Photoshop Elements”.

If you’ve thought about switching to an Apple, this is definitely a good time to jump in.

Mashable: OS X Lion: How to Do a Clean Install

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