The Hunt for Truth

February 15th, 2013 No comments
Christopher Dorner

We’ll never know Dorner’s true story

The first half of February has been ravaged in the media by a one, Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer that waged war against his former employer. I’m not going to romanticize or celebrate his actions, but rather try to understand them. Why? Call it morbid curiosity.

I’ve lived in Southern California all my life, so I’ve known since I was a teen firsthand just how how fucked up our elitist police department can be. Oddly enough, movies like ‘Training Day‘ gave further speculation on the possibility that our men in blue, who are supposed to protect and serve, are not much more than trained professional thugs with radios in an organized gang. Of course, who could forget the rap group “N.W.A.” and arguably their most popular song in their catalog.

Whether Dorner really was a good guy that was wrongly fired doesn’t excuse his commitment to kill people that he felt wronged him. If you’ve read his manifesto, it’s fascinating and methodical, however I think he should have turned his rage into a movement instead. Yeah, I know, this ain’t the 1960′s, but he would’ve had more traction if he truly had evidence to prove his side of his story. I’m certain other former officers would have come forward and joined him, despite the stigma it may have cost them to do so, but it would’ve been a more sound and reasonable way to deal with the situation.

Mr. Dorner is now dead, whether by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, by a police sniper, or the cabin fire that mysteriously came about that may have actually been started the police. No matter what you believe, the cops lie. They lie constantly. They lie to protect themselves from judgment. They lie to keep state and federal aid money piling in. They lie to protect their pensions. They feel as if they’re superior to us civilians, when it’s us civilians they work for. They only promote from within those that will maintain their code of secrecy. Truth is, we will never know the full Christopher Dorner story and how he really died as we have to accept the story coming from the police themselves that will lie at any given moment.


Ban All Guns. That Will Fix It, Right?

December 16th, 2012 No comments

Reading comments on YouTube from people of other countries (meaning non-Americans) over news of the Connecticut school shooting this past Friday, and I guess we do appear as a nation that’s just out of control with our 2nd Amendment to the world. I’ll go on record by saying I don’t own firearms, however many of you know that I like playing first person shooter video games, which the media has already mentioned the shooter also enjoyed.

Gun control has been mentioned whenever possible and even banning them altogether, however will even that solve anything? Remember the Norway shooting in 2010? What about Virginia Tech in 2007? Columbine anyone? Notice anything similar in all of them? Yes, young people were targeted because they were defenseless and unknowing. A sick individual has to pull a trigger in order to cause harm or worse.

Every time our world faces a senseless act of violence, almost immediately the cries for gun control or outright bans go up. You seriously don’t think that manufacturers will simply just stop making guns and ammo, do you? I mean, it’s not like prohibition really “fixed” anything, right? Drugs and alcohol (during the U.S. prohibition) were still aplenty even though they couldn’t legally be sold.

I’m pretty sure that when this country’s founders wrote the constitution almost 250 years ago, they didn’t imagine that weapons would have advanced as they have today. The foundation of the second amendment is still sound today, but I do agree stricter methods to obtain weapons and their ammunition must be introduced. After all, a doctor can prescribe a potentially addictive medication after an examination, so why aren’t we looking closer at the people that own guns and/or wish to purchase them? We have to register our vehicles with the DMV annually, so why isn’t something similar in place for individual weapons to the government? We gotta do smog checks on our vehicles, so why not inspect each individual registered weapon every year or so and make certain that not only the owners are mentally fit to use these guns, but that the guns themselves aren’t modified for their intended purpose. Maybe even limit the number of guns a registered owner can purchase in a given year, or even at a time.

I know, I’m not the biggest fan of having the government meddle with who can have what, but this might be a case where they might need to step up and implement new regulations. Average citizens shouldn’t have access to high caliber assault rifles, but it’s a state by state thing now as I understand it. If home defense is your motivation for owning guns, isn’t a pistol good enough? Deer hunters wouldn’t shoot with assault rifles or they’d ruin the meat. There are portions of this country that shoot for sport in a controlled environment (i.e. shooting ranges) or even shoot for hunting for food, and there are appropriate guns for either scenario. Keeping sub-machine guns at home for defense is just ridiculous.

I’m saddened that innocent children were murdered along with their trusted teachers and care takers in this latest episode. I wouldn’t call what happened a tragedy as the definition truly doesn’t match what had occurred. Banning all weapons isn’t going to prevent a future occurrence anywhere. We really should have a closer look at the individuals that are likely to commit such cowardly acts instead of just the weapons themselves.

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Apple vs. Android Fight

September 23rd, 2012 1 comment
Apple vs. Android Fight

Apple vs. Android Fight

The world knows by now that the new iPhone 5 was just released this weekend along with their latest iOS software that runs on most all Apple mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

While I didn’t run out and buy an iPhone 5, I am eligible to get one however didn’t want to get involved with the pre-order scramble madness that usually surrounds each and every mobile Apple device. I do plan on getting an iPhone in about a month, upgrading from my iPhone 4 from 2 years ago.

With that now all laid out, I’m aware there is a community out there that absolutely despises anytime Apples does, well, anything and it makes news. I personally have used the iPhone since 2007 and converted from Windows computers to Mac as of a few years ago, mostly because it has been the standard within the creative and design world for several years. While I do still own a Windows 7 & Linux netbooks, my MacBook Pro is what I use on a daily basis, and haven’t looked back since.

What I don’t understand is the deep seeded hate from one “community” to another. Whether it’s a preferred mobile phone, operating system, computing hardware, etc., we all have our preferences and reasoning for choosing one over another. Many have tried an Android phone and an iPhone, and have settled on their choice and some have been rabid about their feelings when “the other” does something that apparently was originated from their platform of choice. Do you honestly think that spewing your dislike and angst filled comments on online forums, videos, social media, and any other outlet is going to make the masses just drop what they’re doing and convert on the spot just because you said it? And if that was a possibility, what benefit is it to you?

While I too grow tired of reading all of Apple’s issues, faults, and news, it is indeed huge media fodder for the people out there that care to read it or listen. If that audience didn’t exist, then neither would the news surrounding it. Alas, it’s there, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon so no matter what you like or prefer, we all need to stop acting like children in the backseat during a long road trip to visit relatives constantly screaming, “he’s touching me!”

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I Hate Politics

September 10th, 2012 No comments
Can I count on your support?

Can I count on your support?

Just coming off a birthday weekend and with under 2 months to go before we Americans get to play yet another installment of “pick the prick to fuck us!” game. In this episode, I’m going to do something I rarely choose to do, and that’s talk politics.

I despise that this is even a topic, because it’s really a popularity contest in disguise. How else do you explain Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Al Franken, and Kal Penn? I thought we were supposed to choose the right person for the job, and instead it’s mud slinging, drama, and bullshit until the one person with the most support rises to the top. Since when has that person historically ever been the best person suited for the job to begin with?

Listen to any politician during his or her campaign for office where they speak on the others faults, mistakes, and failed promises. When has any politician in history ever made good on each and every campaign promise? Yet, they think we the public are stupid enough to forget after each term? Think for a moment; we’re the fragile, virgin who’s trying to keep our legs crossed while some person in a crisp suit and perfectly coiffed hair is trying to get us to open them up. Do you really think that person gives two fucks about us once they get what they want, which is the office they’re attempting to get into?

Not voting at all because “we’re going to lose anyway” is a shitty attitude. No matter who you think has the best values, morals, or cutest ass, don’t vote for the individual that’s the “hottest”. This isn’t the 8th grade student body elections here. I’ve already made up my mind for this coming election year, and it should be based on the best person for the job. Get out there this year and vote for who you feel will represent the American public the best for this country.

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Violent Games Kill People?

July 22nd, 2012 2 comments

I knew it was just a matter of time before someone in the news media decided to make their mark from the horrific tragedy in Aurora, CO this past weekend. I’m not going to sit here and celebrate the alleged (please note the post date here) killer, however I’ve read this dude was all over Role Playing Games (aka RPGs) and Guitar Hero. It’s not like this guy went on a 2 day Call of Duty binge, drinking Mountain Dew and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos, and decided spur of the moment to do what he did; he planned it months ahead of time.

As a fan of First Person Shooter video games myself, I’ve never once felt the urge to harm even an insect after having a shitty round playing a video game. I’m sure the whole gun debate will no doubt be re-opened with these events, however isn’t it always sad that the people who knew the shooter always claim “he/she sure did act strange for a few days before this happened”? I’m going to guess he was a loner, so probably no one knew of his plan or saw all of the stuff he’d acquired to pull this off, yet somehow he had boxes of ammunition at his parents house.

I don’t own any firearms nor do I frequent known “bad areas”, so my chances of getting killed by a gun is pretty low. Aurora likely felt pretty safe in that they don’t see much violent crime as compared to major metropolitan cities like New York or Los Angeles, where I reside. I’m sure in light of this tragedy, movie theater owners will enforce stricter security especially near exits to prevent another disaster from here on forward. At the least for the memory of the victims, this should be implemented as they didn’t deserve what happened to them.

The point I’m making here is that a violent video game didn’t drive this person to do what he did. There isn’t any scientific proof that anyone exposed to such games will ever have an inclination to such violence. No terrorist has even been in the top 1,000 leader board of Modern Warfare or Black Ops, have they? Forget even race as statistically, whites are more prone to this type violence than any other race but rather if you must point a finger at something, remember that he is a sick individual and we “sane” ones should identify behavior like his prior to them acting on it in the future. He was purchasing most of the items he used either online, or in the same local retail store. His purchases were legal, however anyone with a right mind would even think that acquiring all these items in a matter of a few months is certainly a sign that this person didn’t just take up deer hunting all of a sudden.

CNN Guest: ‘Video Games Help You Get In The Mode To Do The Killing’