Make Your Own iPhone Ringtones

Here’s how to make your very own custom ringtones for your iPhone. Be sure you’re running the latest version iTunes and iPhone firmware.

First, create your tone by editing a music file to a maximum 30 second selection. Use Audacity to edit your audio file and then export it to a .WAV file. Find more information on editing files and tips here.

If your new tone is now finished to your liking, here’s how to get it to your phone. Open iTunes and add the song file to your library. Double check your Import codec is set to AAC (Edit> Preferences> Advanced> Importing).

The newly added file will most likely appear at the very bottom of your iTunes Music Library as ‘Unknown Artist’.

Right-click the file in iTunes and convert selection to AAC.

Don’t freak out; you will see it appear twice in your iTunes library and that’s okay. Now you have a .WAV file and a .M4A file. Delete the .WAV file as it is now useless and rename the .M4A file to .M4R. Again, another right-click will do the trick.

Can’t find the newly made .M4A file? By default, try your My Music/iTunes folder or right-click the file in iTunes and select Show in Explorer/Finder.

Your file is now ready to be synced to your iPhone through iTunes. Best thing to do is keep your ringtones in their own folder, however accessible for when you sync with iTunes.

You can now drag ‘n drop your new ringtone file into iTunes, or simply add it like you would any other file. Select Ringtones in iTunes to be sure that it is now available; iTunes won’t sync what it can’t find.

Sync your iPhone to iTunes like you normally would anyway and once completed, you have now uploaded your tone to your phone. Select your new tone from your handset by navigating to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

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