Nine Toes?

February 15th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Frequently asked question: “Do you have nine toes?”

Answer: I have all ten of my toes. Circa 1995, a Danish music production team/rap group coined the name after having steaks and drinks at their apartment during a get together. Was a warm summer evening and I wore sandals, however not the split toe variety. One of the associates had a bit much that evening, looked down at my feet and flipped out thinking I did have nine toes. Soon, he was embarrassed to find that my pinky toe was tucked under the sandal and we razzed him the remainder of the night. The following day, upon our return to meet up with them, they called on the way to make sure that “nine toes” was also coming up… haven’t heard the end of that joke yet.

  • inty

    I always thought it was a borderlands reference!

  • stewie

    lol i like the name

    I’m glad you benefited from our website – let all the noobs know about it will ya?