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YouTube Comments Section Is Now Terribru!

November 8th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wanna piss off citizens of the planet that have internet access and you just so happen to be one of the largest corporations in recorded history? Enter Google’s move to revamp the comments section of their most profitable and popular online properties, YouTube!

Yes, the comments section of any video on YouTube is a virtual cesspool of pimple squeezin’ pre-teens with mom’s iPad to adoring adults of any attractive object of lust that is on display, we all could argue that something needed to be done. And… here comes Google with their infinite wisdom of what their user base wants and needs from using their product.

So what’s the big deal you ask? You’re now forced to utilize their aging and grossly mishandled attempt at social media, Google Plus, in order to post comments. As a content producer for YouTube, I shoulda saw this coming since they “forced” me to getting a G+ page specifically for my channel a few months ago. No one has to sign up for either service truthfully just to view anything, however how can you be the infamous troll that you aspire to be if you’re forced to give up more information about yourself in order to continue your online video comment graffiti career?

Let’s be real; trolls and just plain idiots online will never go away, even if they’re forced to sign in with their personal mobile phone numbers for backlash, but Google just made feedback on content even harder to achieve. View counts may arise with this since it’ll more visible to more people, however viewer interaction, such as likes and comments, will decline (at least at first) because of the added hassle. I get that they were trying to address a very old issue with the garbage that’s been spewed there, but this hurt more than it will help.

So great work, Google, in bastardizing your number one money maker and alienating likely 4/5 of your users thus making it harder for us content producers to seek back critical information that guides us to continue uploading. May you get a splash of water up your ass every time you take a dump in your golden toilet.