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Thank You, YouTube

August 19th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I rarely get excited over much of anything (unless it’s a new tech gadget), however most of you know that I’ve had a channel on YouTube where I’ve uploaded videos about video games I’ve played. Seems silly in retrospect, however gaming videos on YouTube have a huge audience which in my opinion didn’t start to gain traction until 2011. I however started uploading silly iPhone clips of Red Dead Redemption in 2010, then quickly realized that shaky camera phone video wasn’t going to cut it. I also had a passion to learn filmmaking and this was a way to capture game footage to edit it, and present it in consumption form to the masses to be shared for all on YouTube. There, that’s the basis on why I started a YouTube channel to begin with.

I quietly amassed subscribers and notoriety, attempting to be different from the masses already on YouTube or the newcomers that created a few videos and constantly begged for your subscription. I however felt that if you concentrated on the content itself, the viewing public would decide if you were worthy of giving you their subscription, comment, like, favorite, etc. In my video below, I quickly review that I never entered YouTube with the mindset of gaining quick subscribers in order to become an online celebrity. YouTube is already full of people trying to do just that. Every video is a project to me, with a cast, script, story line, and more that is necessary in visual entertainment. How did I do? Well, over 1,000 have subscribed to my channel that has had half a million views since I started making videos in 2010. It’s been an experiment that’s been years in the making, however I’ve always done it to push myself with my new found skill set, one video at a time.

In addition to the subscriber milestone, I’ve also accepted an invitation to partner with Machinima. Let’s be honest, anyone that produces videos wishes to be compensated for their time, however I have no illusions of mansions, lingerie models, and exotic cars. A partnership with Machinima opens the door to expose my channel to an even broader audience, earn new subscribers, and gain a little income from the efforts. In order to really make money with this, one must consistently produce plenty of content and each must have literally tens of thousands of views at the least. I’m not looking to get rich quick, however new equipment and software are always nice. Still, a thousands subscribers isn’t a lot by many standards, but it’s amazing to me that over a thousand have given me the opportunity to earn their subscription, and I hope to earn even more.