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I Get A Free Bumper… But Is The Problem Fixed?

Steve Jobs is such a gangsta. Gotta love a salesman. He knowingly puts out a product to market that engineers warned him may have a design flaw, yet approves it anyway likely to met the droves of fanbois (sadly, I raise my hand) and investors, not to mention the annual releasing of an updated iPhone every June/July which has now become customary and didn’t want to disappoint the masses.

Ok, so I get free shit, but does that mean that anything was actually fixed? No. Far from. “Take this $30 gift and keep your mouth shut” should have been the basis of this announcement today. It’s a $1 made-in-China-plastic-and-rubber-ring which was an easy and cost effective cop out for Apple. Kinda reminds me of when I got my hair cut as a kid and getting a sucker at the end just to take my mind off of the shitty haircut I just got and the grief I’d have to endure when I returned to school on Monday morning. Gee, thanks.