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My Experience With Vaping


Vaping on an e-cigarette

I’ve smoked cigarettes for too long, and actually liked it. Like many smokers, I do know that it’s horrible for your health yet continue to do so anyway because it’s an addicting habit. I’ve gone a day or 2 without a cigarette before and was fine, but mostly I smoked because of boredom.

I first heard of electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs” about 3 or so years ago, but didn’t give it much attention mostly because of their price and lack of information/availability. Today, they’re on TV & radio ads, in just about any local pharmacy store, and becoming more accepted everywhere. What attracted me to them is that you can “smoke” inside your home without offending anyone, no odor on your fingers/clothes, and in the long run, can save money vs. purchasing regular cigarettes. I personally can care less of the “vanilla bean mocha cheesecake frappuccino menthol” flavors that are offered, but mostly wanted your standard smoking experience while using less of the real thing, thus quitting traditional cigarette smoking altogether.

Ok, so it’s only been barely a week as I’m writing this, however I’m a huge skeptic and am a hard sell but this… vaping… is legit. Mind you, I wasn’t a hardcore pack-a-day, Marlboro Reds smoker, however I do like to smoke and I decided to give vaping (smokers smoke, vapers vape) a shot. I spent literally hours pouring through Google searches and watching many YouTube videos, trying to get someone to convince me that it’s a bad idea, it’ll suck, or whatever. Instead, I got confused! If you’re not very familiar with vaping and all the terms, mods, models, voltages, twist batteries, cattys, e-juice, blah, blah, blah, it’s a clusterfuck of information to wade through!

After much reading, watching, and researching, I found what I believe is the best way to go and that is the Triton tank system by a company called Halo. They’ve also been highly recommended for their “e-juices” or vapor liquid since they’re laboratory grade made in the U.S. Without trying to sound like a commercial, I’m highly impressed by what I’ve experienced so far. I purchased their sample pack of liquids and the entire order arrived in one business day (they’re based in New Jersey while I’m in Los Angeles; USPS Priority mail was at no cost to me!).

I’ll admit, I do still smoke regular cigarettes as of the time I’m writing this, however I’ve cut back drastically since using an e-cigarette. It satisfies the whole exhaling smoke thing we smokers enjoy, and there is nicotine in the vapor however not the other 3,000 other chemicals that is applied to tobacco. As prices go down due to competition and demand goes up with increased users, I think this will be the year that many take real notice of vaping.