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The Hunt for Truth

February 15th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
Christopher Dorner

We’ll never know Dorner’s true story

The first half of February has been ravaged in the media by a one, Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer that waged war against his former employer. I’m not going to romanticize or celebrate his actions, but rather try to understand them. Why? Call it morbid curiosity.

I’ve lived in Southern California all my life, so I’ve known since I was a teen firsthand just how how fucked up our elitist police department can be. Oddly enough, movies like ‘Training Day‘ gave further speculation on the possibility that our men in blue, who are supposed to protect and serve, are not much more than trained professional thugs with radios in an organized gang. Of course, who could forget the rap group “N.W.A.” and arguably their most popular song in their catalog.

Whether Dorner really was a good guy that was wrongly fired doesn’t excuse his commitment to kill people that he felt wronged him. If you’ve read his manifesto, it’s fascinating and methodical, however I think he should have turned his rage into a movement instead. Yeah, I know, this ain’t the 1960′s, but he would’ve had more traction if he truly had evidence to prove his side of his story. I’m certain other former officers would have come forward and joined him, despite the stigma it may have cost them to do so, but it would’ve been a more sound and reasonable way to deal with the situation.

Mr. Dorner is now dead, whether by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, by a police sniper, or the cabin fire that mysteriously came about that may have actually been started the police. No matter what you believe, the cops lie. They lie constantly. They lie to protect themselves from judgment. They lie to keep state and federal aid money piling in. They lie to protect their pensions. They feel as if they’re superior to us civilians, when it’s us civilians they work for. They only promote from within those that will maintain their code of secrecy. Truth is, we will never know the full Christopher Dorner story and how he really died as we have to accept the story coming from the police themselves that will lie at any given moment.