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Violent Games Kill People?

I knew it was just a matter of time before someone in the news media decided to make their mark from the horrific tragedy in Aurora, CO this past weekend. I’m not going to sit here and celebrate the alleged (please note the post date here) killer, however I’ve read this dude was all over Role Playing Games (aka RPGs) and Guitar Hero. It’s not like this guy went on a 2 day Call of Duty binge, drinking Mountain Dew and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos, and decided spur of the moment to do what he did; he planned it months ahead of time.

As a fan of First Person Shooter video games myself, I’ve never once felt the urge to harm even an insect after having a shitty round playing a video game. I’m sure the whole gun debate will no doubt be re-opened with these events, however isn’t it always sad that the people who knew the shooter always claim “he/she sure did act strange for a few days before this happened”? I’m going to guess he was a loner, so probably no one knew of his plan or saw all of the stuff he’d acquired to pull this off, yet somehow he had boxes of ammunition at his parents house.

I don’t own any firearms nor do I frequent known “bad areas”, so my chances of getting killed by a gun is pretty low. Aurora likely felt pretty safe in that they don’t see much violent crime as compared to major metropolitan cities like New York or Los Angeles, where I reside. I’m sure in light of this tragedy, movie theater owners will enforce stricter security especially near exits to prevent another disaster from here on forward. At the least for the memory of the victims, this should be implemented as they didn’t deserve what happened to them.

The point I’m making here is that a violent video game didn’t drive this person to do what he did. There isn’t any scientific proof that anyone exposed to such games will ever have an inclination to such violence. No terrorist has even been in the top 1,000 leader board of Modern Warfare or Black Ops, have they? Forget even race as statistically, whites are more prone to this type violence than any other race but rather if you must point a finger at something, remember that he is a sick individual and we “sane” ones should identify behavior like his prior to them acting on it in the future. He was purchasing most of the items he used either online, or in the same local retail store. His purchases were legal, however anyone with a right mind would even think that acquiring all these items in a matter of a few months is certainly a sign that this person didn’t just take up deer hunting all of a sudden.

CNN Guest: ‘Video Games Help You Get In The Mode To Do The Killing’

  • http://twitter.com/intylicious inty

    do people actually hunt deer with Assault rifles? that gun looked like something the SWAT would use. Figured they would blame violent movies/games or heavy metal

  • http://ninetoez.net NineToez

    No, hunting with assault rifles would destroy the meat. Kind of ironic, huh? We Americans love the bigger, most capacity guns, but sad to think they can still be available to idiots to destroy mankind.