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Gettin Dat YouTube Monnaay

YouTube Money

Imma be rich! Bitch, please

If you thought I was going share with you how to make money like rappers in a hip/hop video, you’re just as high as they are. There are plenty of people (I mean kids) that think they’re MLG so they record their gameplays, commentate about their l337 skills & kill streaks, while shitty dubstep is blaring in the background. It’s a recipe for millions of views & hundreds of thousands of subscribers who are loyal and watch your every move overnight, amirite? Before you make that appointment with your local Mercedes-Benz dealer hotshot, listen up.

I remember watching a YouTube video from d0n7bl1nk in which he thanks his subscribers for watching & allowing him to make enough money from his channel to stay home, game, and post videos of him playing games. Sounds like a dream, yeah? Well, today he published a new video in which he admitted he’s now getting a sharp decline in video views despite having over 40,000 subscribers and is forced to look for a real job so he won’t be uploading as much. How’s this possible? There never really was a gravy train on YouTube, but tons of suckers fell for what I call “the trap”. Many figured financial freedom was just a few uploads away… man, were they stupid.

I’ve seen a ton of channels pushing to get partnered to “cash in” in the past year. The instant some of those channels did in fact get a partnership, their quality went to shit because they figured all they had to do was publish anything, and they’ll still get paid. One guy in fact used to speak highly of my channel and expected me to return the favor (bka “kiss his ass”), but I didn’t so when he began amassing a following, he frequently commentated about himself and of those that kissed his ass regularly, usually over someone else’s donated gameplay. He can be a negative individual with his comments and tweets (when I would actually read them), but he loves to tout that he’s a director for a well known community channel when in fact he’s simply just a producer… and not much of one at that. He tried the easy way yet still isn’t making any more than what it costs to buy a tank of gas per month.

I make videos that I like and I think my subscribers would want to see and hopefully learn something from. I don’t think about favorable comments and/or ratings, how can I monetize my videos/channel more, how to get sponsored or get free shit out of it. I make videos because I enjoy making videos. Period. It’s a hobby, not an answer to how to make quick money while sitting on your ass. I’ve invested my time, energy, and money into learning this craft with the tools to create better content for the subscribers and others that will actually watch my videos, not for 25,000 ghost subs or a faux partnership. Consider all of this the next time you’re about to click the subscribe button on someone’s channel and/or want to begin creating videos yourself.

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