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100, 250, 500

Numbers, that’s all they are. I’m passionate about learning all I can with video editing & compositing. It’s a hobby I’ve recently picked up that I really enjoy. I’m not sure where it may take me, but I do like creating something people may enjoy. I’m guessing that when over 500 people have subscribed to me on YouTube, they saw passion in a particular video and decided to be notified of similar content to watch in the future. Hence, where these numbers come into play.

I purposefully delayed creating my one hundredth video to YouTube to co-ordinate with achieving 500 subscribers, both of which are milestones to me. To have over 250,000 total views worldwide is incredible. My very first video was of a glitch I noticed in Red Dead Redemption taken from my iPhone 3G. I’ve had the account for years but like most, never thought of uploading anything since there already so much content out there. Then, I watched a few other game play videos and it hit me; “I can do this too.”

Sure, the first 20 or so videos aren’t the greatest, but they were necessary stepping stones in order to advance. I’m no Hollywood director or anything, but I’ve learned A LOT and don’t want to stop learning and creating content. Some on YouTube are about the money, which there isn’t very much of unless you have tens of millions of views, but it’s obvious as they take shortcuts, dual or triple comm with others and/or upload someone else’s content only to add their voiceover on it to make it theirs. Every one of my videos are 100% mine as I’ve either become the “tips & info” guy, or infamous for commentaries which have been featured on a few community channels.

To those of you that subscribe or even just watch, thank you.