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Teamwork in Online Gaming

Let’s first start with the definition, shall we?

team·work /ˈtēmˌwərk/

The combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.

In a recent online gaming match where the object is to play together as a team for a common goal, I told a long time friend and squad mate to shoot an enemy instead of running toward him to get a knife kill. As someone who has over 800 knife kills in this particular game, I know how satisfying it is to get knife kills, but I do them when flanking the enemy and when they least expect it; not running toward their field of vision where their only reaction is to shoot.

Well, his actions and decision to run into “the middle of the street” to possibly chase down that one knife kill just as I spawn in on him, got us both spotted and killed. We lost the round shortly after and I commented that their negative kill/death is indicative of poor decisions and bad habits. Granted, I didn’t say it like that, but that’s what I was getting at.

While it’s just a video game and no one is “going professional”, I spent my money to buy games to win them, have fun, and play as a team whenever possible. I don’t think that any boxer or professional sports team has the mindset of losing every match they have with continued bad habits, or they wouldn’t be successful. His retort was that he bought the game and can play it any way he sees fit; while this is true, my intention isn’t to ruin anyone’s experience or fun, however he seems to constantly run into trouble when facing enemies. Whether it be a knife kill or running toward a tank with C4, I’ve seen him run into their field of vision where 8 times out of 10, he gets killed in the process.

So why the post on this you ask? Because in objective play where you only have so many lives or “spawns”, you’re wasting valuable TEAM tickets with poor decisions and behavior like this and maybe some have forgotten what it means to play together as a team. It’s not just once or twice, but this is many times in ANY particular round. A negative KDR, or kill/death ratio, is indicative of your play style not working. If this was a pro sport, a coach would yell and bench you; I’m no coach and am not trying to be, but rather I’m trying to guide and help by acknowledging a bad habit that if corrected would actually benefit everyone, especially the player.

His reaction to my comments since he felt as if I was attacking him was to turn off the game instead of reasoning why I felt that way. Again, I wasn’t ever rude or disrespectful, but I was disappointed. He is set in his ways since he won’t take constructive criticism and acknowledge what is really best for team play as well as for himself in the long run. He got offended, and I can understand that, but far be it for me to push my thoughts onto someone else.

Play the game, have fun, but if others around you are saying stop being selfish by running around and trying to knife kill everyone (they don’t help the team; they only benefit you) while the enemy can see you running in their field of vision, you get yourself in trouble every time and make for a bad spawn point for your squad. That’s not smart team play, that’s selfish and it doesn’t help anyone.

  • Jayboock

    I totally agree. He’s terrible at the teamwork aspect, even if his squad score is huge. I think we should just keep him out of our squad when we can.

  • http://ninetoez.net NineToez

    I’m willing to bet if he #1 didn’t knife kill anyone, #2 didn’t run toward a tank to C4 it, #3 didn’t use prone and finally #4 actually spotted enemies (he say he does, but he doesn’t) all in one full round from start to finish, he’d finish at least in the upper half and with a positive KDR.

    He simply finds it fun to play with friends and there’s nothing wrong with that, but he doesn’t seem to comprehend that his decisions aren’t the wisest for the team. Instead, he reacts like a child that doesn’t want to be told his way isn’t the best way.

  • Glyn2080

    Great stuff fella

  • http://twitter.com/DFWCON DFW Writers Con

    Ninetoez, thanks for the feedback on the site. Thought I’d pay the visit back. Checked out your youtube video. Very nice. Also clicked on a few of your ads too. You’ve got good placement.


  • Jason

    Thanks for your comments on my site! Paying it back. Good site! Clicked on some links and ads, enjoyed your youtube video!


  • Roman

    Hi Ninetoez. ArrVeePee from /ps3bf3 here. Loving the blog and the youtube channel. Very happy that I found your stuff.
    BUT, I have to step in here because you see, I have a negative KDR and I feel it is indicative of my playstyle working, not the opposite as you suggest.
    I almost 100% PTO for the duration of every round I play.(Mostly Conquest, some Rush, never TDM)..capping flags and arming/disarming MCOMs means many many deaths are necessary.
    I often MVP rounds with a negative KDR and I’d say I only average about 4-10 kills a round. Most of my points comes from keeping others alive and like I alluded to, playing the objective as opposed to killing. I’ve won rounds with zero kills in the past.
    My motto on Battlelog is ..’I PTFO, so you don’t have to’..I see myself as a sacrificial lamb of sorts for my squad/team. A guy to get the job done, no matter the cost. :)
    I am rarely looking for the kill, unless it is necessary for me to complete my current objective or if I am playing more of a supportive role to one of my squaddies..for eg, covering an Engy while he tries to take down a heli.
    Please do not let a negative KDR influence your judgement on a player..I know many Battlefield players who have neg KD and I would take any of them over a 5/1 camping numpty who sits behind a rock/in a jet/camping on a roof for the entire round

  • http://ninetoez.net NineToez

    In Conquest, ticket count is important if your team has 1/3 of the objectives or less, however it’s critical when attacking in Rush. I’m well aware that people find the play style that works for them, and I respect that. We all know that one guy that just seems to kill everything in sight, and yet that one guy that just seems to get killed more often than anything.

    Is winning then everything? Part of the fun of any game is doing your best and if your team does just that, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with the win. Sure, I’m typically in the upper half in any round I’m in and will fight for the win, but I’m no superman and have moments where I rage and can’t seem to kill anything. At that point, I’m dangerous to my team because I try too hard and do dumb shit yet end up costing the team tickets in the process.

    I agree with you in that if you are a team or squad player, your style is much more welcomed that those that camp for the gunship, jet, helicopter, or perch atop a rock with a sniper rifle. If you’re happy with your play style, then enjoy the game for what it is.

  • Roman

    Yes, in Rush I have to be a little more aware of my deathcount but I tend to run Smoke Grenades playing that…so my revives usually remain of sound judgement. I save a lot of tickets that way too, I’d say on average at least as many as I lose in my kamikaze runs to arm/disarm the MCOM.
    Winning is kind of everything, I guess. Nothing makes me rage really except when I see team mates putting in no effort and I sometimes turn down playing with my best friend because he is relatively new and his rookie mistakes and general lack of awareness annoy me somewhat….but if I see that my team has little chance to win a round, I will look to smaller, more personal wins.

    Nice to see you updated the blog today.

    New bookmark for me, I’ll be checking back in sporadically.