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Paul Christoforo’s Aftermath

December 28th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
Paul Christoforo

Paul Christoforo

If you don’t know this name by now, invest the 10 or so minutes to read through a post from yesterday’s Penny Arcade. This is a true, modern story of an alleged “David v. Goliath” of sorts. Goliath in this case isn’t a super massive corporation, but a grown man that claims to be the president of a social media public relations firm in an email exchange of words when a consumer was simply trying to get a straight answer as to the whereabouts of his order.

Couple of things I want to mention because this entire ordeal has been brought up in many, many other forms of media including websites, blogs, web magazines, twitter, Facebook, etc. First, Ocean Marketing (or Ocean Stratagy or Ocean Deep Sea… and yes folks, that’s how he spelled it) is a public relations firm hired by the inventor of this device known as the Avenger Controller, so the angst of this “movement” should be solely directed at Paul, not Avenger. While I’m not sure how Paul got this contract since he clearly can’t spell nor compose simple sentences with proper punctuation, and for a man that’s 38 years old, married, and father of a little son, that’s pretty sad.

I know everyone wants to succeed and be a baller, but this is a clear case of a man who has taken his opportunity and squandered it with his own lack of intelligence. How ever he made his fistful of dollars previously, I’m fairly confident that his next opportunity won’t be so willing to hire him on that quickly if they just simply Googled his name from here on out.

He’s now officially a meme and has been parodied on YouTube, mostly for his lack of professionalism, gross misspellings, blatant self promotion, and negligent attention to customer service.  When Dave, his customer, writes in to gather information, he addresses him as Dan at one point. His lengthy and rather pointless banter about knowing industry executives, like they’ll come to his rescue, should Dave pursue any legal or anti-promotional or defamatory campaigns, just sound like Paul was trying to bully his way around a scenario he truly felt he was in control of originally.

Moral of the story, kids? Karma is a mother fucker and treat others with the respect you would wish in return.

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