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The New YouTube. Are You Hating It Too?

December 4th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Unless you’ve been hibernating the last few days, you may have heard by now of the latest gripe from interweb citizens; YouTube has changed, and it sucks. Anytime something is drastically changed, we tend to get all soap opera drama queens and rebel. Change is how anything evolves, including you. What, you still think Ricky Schroder is hawt or play with Legos?

YouTube is quickly replacing traditional media that we’ve grown accustomed to as television. With TV, we must sit and watch what content it displays. You just have to pay attention during those hours when they’re aired, or record them to a DVR for consumption when you’re ready to watch. What if you want to watch a specific documentary right after you’re done reading this, what do you do? There’s Netflix, however there’s a subscription cost. Then there’s YouTube that hosts millions of videos ranging from how-tos to outright feature films and just about anything imaginable in between.

Mind you, the content on YouTube hasn’t changed, however the format in which our PC browsers display videos, suggestions, channel activity, etc. has changed. Change is good. Change means that growth was recognized. Change is inevitable. So if you’re one of the many bitching that the new YouTube sucks, too bad. I dig it and it’s easier to navigate to find information not to mention eye pleasing. Don’t worry, in a few months, you’ll get acclimated to it and forget all about how you hate the new YouTube… until it’s changed again later.