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Without Steve Jobs, Could Apple Still Bear Fruit?

August 24th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Can Apple, the most valuable company in the world today, continue it’s success without Steve Jobs as CEO? Well, he ain’t gone… he’s still Chairman of the Board at Apple and no doubt will still be around.

It’s likely his decision to step down has to do with his health since he’s been on a medical leave of absence since January of this year. He has been credited with reviving the fledgling company back in the 90′s to the powerhouse it is today. Likely one of the most incredible American “comeback” stories ever told. While he didn’t do it single-handedly, he still had the vision to plow forward where others scoffed.

Call me a fan boi all you want, the fact of the matter is the underdog finally came out on top and there’s no denying Apple and their products are used and loved daily by many millions of people worldwide. They never succumbed to what their peers were doing, but rather innovated and became the most envied and duplicated company, likely in modern history.

So Tim Cooke was appointed as the successor as CEO of the company and I’m sure we all wish him well. I have no doubt he feels the pressure of stepping in Jobso’s shadow, however the core (pun intended!) will still continue to support and adore the produce (another one!) that this beloved company markets. He is well deserved of the position and has proved himself a leader during Steve’s absence.

I truly hope that we will still see you, Steve, at conferences and events as no one does a keynote like you do. No one. Boom!

Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple

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