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OS X Lion Is Now Available

OS X Lion

OS X Lion

Mac fans, here’s more than 250 new features that’s a huge leap forward in a few years with OS X. If you recently purchased a new Mac within the past month, you may be eligible to score your download gratis.

Yup, it’s being distributed as a download from the Mac App Store for $30. Later, you’ll be able to cop it from an Apple store for $70 on a few thumb drives, but see the Mashable link below on how you can backup your copy for a clean install or just to have it handy in case you want to skip installing Snow Leopard again first.

I’ve yet to personally get this at this moment as I will wish to do a clean install, however that’s a time consuming process. I’m also hoping for some some tech savvy reviews to discuss memory leaks and performance as well too. I’ll get it regardless, but like to know ahead of time what I’ll be dealing with.

Also in Apple news, the MacBook Air has been refreshed to be more like an iPad with a keyboard, a new Thunderbolt display for devices equipped with the new interface, refreshed Mac mini, and the deletion of the MacBook. Apple retail stores will also be removing boxed software and we’ll all have to just download from our home or office via the Mac App Store. With that said, it’s also the debut of Adobe in the App Store with their consumer friendly “Photoshop Elements”.

If you’ve thought about switching to an Apple, this is definitely a good time to jump in.

Mashable: OS X Lion: How to Do a Clean Install

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