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#iPhone Wallpapers Of @WendyFour

Almost 10 years ago, @FreddyNorman & I were amongst the top posters at HowardForums.com, an online mobile phone community most known for modding, and where I got my infamy for being an l337 g33k especially in the wireless phone scene. While I’m still remembered to this day for ringtones, both of us made tons and tons of wallpapers that have been used the world over on countless wireless handsets. It was his idea to make some wallpapers again for our beloved iPhones, however I’m sure you’ll still see some things still never changed with me. ;)

Note: These wallpapers will work on your iOS powered iPod touch too. Also, please visit Ms. Wendy Fiore aka Wendy Combattente or Wendy Four on her twitter and official website.