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Should Anyone Be Scared Of Your Own iPhone Tracking You?

My iPhone Tracking

My iPhone Tracking

I was going to post something about this when news broke out earlier last week that our beloved iPhones and iPads were secretly recording our every move without us even knowing it, but when I used the tracking software (link at the bottom of this post) on my laptop that I sync my phone and iPad to and saw the results, of course my jaw dropped to the possibilities of this information possibly being used against me. Paranoid much? Let’s think for a moment…

Say I had a spouse that always thought there was another woman. This information may just give her divorce attorney the fodder they’d need to dissect my every little move like “I’ve never been there with you; who were you with?”. Yeah, laugh now, but your boss or the cops could use this too had they got your PC or iPhone and/or iPad for just a few moments.

What about spam opportunities? The tracker revealed my recent trip to Big Bear, CA and since we drove there, of course it recorded my every move via triangulating with every mobile site my phone “hand shook” along the way. Imagine now that if this data was spitefully sold, someone could have my mobile number, time and date that I passed by their town and where I visited just so I could get SMS spam or even coupons arrive at my home assuming I frequent Big Big and to have breakfast at their lodge with a 15% off coupon. Again, the shit ain’t funny and could very well happen.

I’m a Foursquare user, an app that lets me “check-in” to a destination and shares the when and where with others, and that’s ok since the app on my phone doesn’t contain my real identification such as my mobile number. The consolidated.db file that is stored on both PC and iOS device with a cellular plan is not encrypted therefore available to anyone that just needs a reason to see where you’ve been & just 5 minutes. With today’s privacy concerns especially with identity theft and ever increasing spam getting more intelligent, this is scary shit. I’m hoping Apple and the Droid communities do the right thing and cease this if they truly claim there’s no harm in storing this information. I feel these corporations should have given us, the end consumer of their products, the right to choose whether we want this spyware recording this much information on us or not.


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  • http://ninetoez.net Toez

    iOS 4.3.3 is out now and addresses this.

  • avtobazar

    Nice topic – respect !