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Look ma, I has iPad 2!

iPad 2, Black, WiFi Only, 16 GB with Black Leather Smart Cover

iPad 2, Black, WiFi Only, 16 GB with Black Leather Smart Cover

So am I cool now? Yes, it’s true, I’ve always been cool. I passed on the first generation because I didn’t see the value in the device. Tablets still won’t replace a conventional computer, but it fills the gap for a portable entertainment device for media and Internet while on the go, now with cameras for video calling. Been using a little more Skype lately, so this is also useful for me. There also times when you just want to look things up on Google, watch a YouTube video, read the news all without powering up a notebook for something that only that takes a few moments to do. Yes, I’m spoiled, and the fact that my iOS apps can be ported to a larger device for easier use is winning.


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  • annapink15

    im so jealous cant wait to get mine but i want to get it from target

  • http://ninetoez.net Toez

    I shop with Best Buy because of their Reward Zone program. It pays when you buy stuff with them with that program in the long run with cash back toward future purchases (I got $50 off this iPad in fact), exclusive discounts, and a 45 day return policy instead of just 30 as some of their benefits.