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Do I really Want An iPad 2?

February 8th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Before you go digging up my Twitter timeline & RT my ‘iPads suck’ tweet from last year, I’ll admit to being hasty on them. No, I’m not buzzing from the Cupertino Apple juice, but I’ve definitely had a change in heart on them when I learned of their real uses. Like a netbook, I’d definitely use it more for writing & social media rather than the “oversized iPod” or similar of what I said last year. Now that iPads are finally an iOS device, syncing between my iPhone and MacBook Pro will be nice; might even have to consider a MobileMe subscription.

Most of yous already know the pros vs. cons on the thing, so enough there. What’s this that it is rumored to be sans Retina Display however? I kinda get that it might be cost prohibitive to produce them for the iPad, however reality check; aren’t these already fucking expensive as it is? Sure, it’ll be faster, more memory, more powerful, larger breasts… all what we expect when technology refreshes and updates, but no dope ass display to see it all? This would make my first iPad purchase and know they’ll keep making a better one next year, but they can do it all now and should especially to justify their steep price tags on the damn things.

Let’s also remember that it’s all just rumor at this point until they announce them sometime later this month (I’m speculating!) and they very well could have dual cameras and retina display in addition to all the other things I mentioned… larger breasts, likely not.

EDIT: There is yet another rumor that we might see iPad 3 as early as September for this year’s iPod conference. Might be worth holding out possibly. :/

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