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Netflix looking into streaming-only option for US ‘over the coming months’

September 24th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s what I think since you asked… this would be a great thing for gaming consoles around the world (well, the USA at least) since millions of PS3′s and Xbox 360′s are in homes right now. Great opportunity for Netflix to penetrate yet another marketplace for entertainment.

At a hypothetical $5 per month, an unlimited streaming only option would make it “cheap” enough for most anyone to have the service. If you don’t already have Netflix, it’s an awesome resource which cures the “nothing good on TV right now” syndrome. I’m certain that you would still be able to view Netflix on your iPhone/iPad, web browser, web enabled HDTV, Chumby, or whatever other internet equipped appliance you may have with such an account.

All 3 major game consoles do now have the capability to stream Netflix now with the PlayStation going disc-less in about a month making it a cost-effective alternative to cable or satellite TV. Where I’m twisted is that newly released movies are only available on BluRay or DVD, not instantly streamed. It is cheaper for Netflix to stream that movie to you vs. mailing you a physical disc, so what gives? What opinions do you have about a disc-less Netflix vs. the ability to have a DVD or BluRay shipped for the newly released?

Source : Engadget

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